New regenerative solution to improve elevator efficiency

~ CP Automation announces the availability of REVCON RFE-E2 ~

Elevator drive specialist CP Automation has announced the availability of REVCON’s RFE-E2, a regenerative solution designed to meet the specific requirements of elevator applications. The RFE-E2 offers low-noise performance and improves efficiency by capturing the energy that would otherwise be lost to braking resistors. Also, its single-module design lowers installation costs by eliminating the need for the mounting and cabling of additional peripheral equipment.

The RFE-E2 adds to CP Automation’s existing regenerative product line and can enhance the efficiency of smaller elevators by capturing and recirculating energy that would usually be lost to braking resistors. The new solution is available in two versions — 7.5 kW and 15 kW — and is easily selected based on the motor power (kW) rating.

The RFE-E2 is easy to install because no programming is involved, and it comes equipped with a simple wiring interface for controller integration. The metal-housed unit is robustly built and has optional terminal and fan covers for wall mounting in machine room-less elevators (MRLs). This avoids the need for an additional enclosure to mount on the lift-shaft wall, helping reduce costs associated with additional ancillaries.

“The RFE-E2 is a simple product to use and is virtually silent in operation, making it ideal for MRL installations,” explained Brian Preston, general manager at CP Automation. “In addition, it can provide vital energy savings and

allows building owners to improve their BREEAM ratings and increase the rental value of their sites.

“Many regenerative solutions require additional components and, therefore, extra cabling and panelling, which can quickly add extra costs to elevator upgrades,” continued Preston.  “We’ve now got a product that’s perfectly suited to both machine room and MRL applications, it just fits in line with the inverter and is plug-and-play — no programming is needed.”

The RFE-E2 comes with a user-friendly interface. It features simple inputs, including one to remotely enable and disable the unit in the event of a power loss scenario and enable elevator operation via a UPS supply.

The simple, single module solution means it is easy to install in new installations and as a retrofit to existing installations. Furthermore, by taking the excess energy and feeding it back to power other equipment in the building, such as air conditioning, PC’s and other electrical systems, the new regenerative solution can help building owners see a quick return on investment.

To find out more about CP Automation’s elevator line regeneration solutions and support, visit the company website.