ODU Connectors – More Power, more Power!!!

With electrification on the rise, high-current and high-voltage are now fundamental requirements.

As electrification has increased, many existing connectors have been found wanting, creating a demand for connectors with larger contacts in order to transmit higher currents and higher voltages. Often these larger contacts have necessitated larger housings, creating a further problem.

This is why development of the ODU-MAC® Power Connector began around two years ago. Initial concept drawings were discussed with potential customers, product development began – from prototype to series production. Multiple test series were successful. Positive feedback is being received from the field.

Until now, this latest product concept has been listed on our website under the heading “Products you dream of” for specific applications.

Now the ODU-MAC® Power Connector has become a dream come true among modular connectors.

What makes the ODU-MAC® Power Connector so special?

The ODU-MAC® Power Connector connects high-voltage and high-current transmission with up to 600 A per connector, with two bridged contacts using a busbar.

The IP2X touch protection ensures increased safety for users.

Thanks to the ODU LAMTAC® Flex contacts, low mating and de-mating forces can be achieved.

This modular design – ideal for testing, with possible applications including eMobility, end-of-line testing and high-voltage testing.

Depending on requirements, the docking connector can contain two or three power contacts combined with inserts from the ODU-MAC® D216 and D316 modular series.

Find out more in our video here:

Customised Connectors

A customized connector for manual mating or automatic docking can also be created by combining these ODU-MAC® Power Connectors within housings from the ODU-MAC® Blue-Line range. Several locking options are available for manual mating via lever, transverse, spindle, push-pull. Easy handling with 10,000 mating cycles minimum.

The compact hybrid block ODU-MAC® Power Connector HB16 can also be integrated into enclosures thanks to its even smaller design.

More info at: https://odu-connectors.com/uk/products/modular-connectors/odu-mac-blue-line/

The ODU Group is one of the world’s leading suppliers of connector systems, retaining all relevant areas of expertise and key technologies in-house, including cable assembly.

ODU connectors ensure a reliable transmission of power, signals, data and media for a variety of demanding applications including medical technology, military and security, automotive, industrial electronics, and test and measurement.

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