Three Phase Single Stage EMI Filters from EMIS have many applications

Flexible range of termination options

The 3-Phase Single Stage MF423-3W series of EMI filters from global EMC solutions provider EMIS  is a general-purpose filter designed for use in a wide range of applications. Connected on the mains input side of a product or system the filters provide both common mode and differential mode suppression.

MF423-3W series of EMI filters reduce Electromagnetic Interference and help in maintaining compliance with emission standards while increasing reliability and conducted immunity significantly.

Applications include variable speed electrical power drive systems/motor drives power rectifiers, motor controllers, frequency converters, welding machines, power supplies, drilling machines, laser cutting machines, printing machines.

These Chassis Mount Three Phase Single Stage EMI Filters are available with different terminations such as Faston, screw type and stud connectors. Key specifications include:

  • Maximum continuous operating voltage 440/520VAC
  • Operating frequency 50/60Hz
  • Current ratings 1 to 150A @ 40⁰C
  • Temperature range -25 to + 85⁰C

the 3-Phase Single Stage MF423-3W series of EMI filters from global EMC solutions provider EMIS.

EMIS aims to offer an end-to-end solution to meet industry’s ongoing EMI Challenges. Customers are supported by a very experienced consulting team, a fully equipped Pre-Compliance Lab and a huge safety certified standard product offering of over 2500 part-numbers produced in their own very efficient facility.

Designing and manufacturing EMI filters for more than 40 years EMIS is a global source for efficient EMI and EMC solutions across all industries, applications and the frequency spectrum. With a robust global supply footprint across eight industry segments, EMIS is continuously investing in technology and skills to deliver its promise of efficiency with seamless customer support.

Products available include EMI/EMC Components, Feedthrough Components, Power Quality, Military Grade Filters and Surge Protection.

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