Electric vehicle DC-DC converters benefits from new high-voltage MLCC

New from Samsung Electro-Mechanics is the CL32B104KHU6PN# high-voltage MLCC (multi-layer ceramic capacitor) for electric vehicle applications such as DC-DC converters. Mass production of the new X7R MLCC, which offers 100nF capacitance and a maximum rated voltage of 630V, is now underway.

MLCCs are becoming increasingly popular in modern automobiles as OEMs respond to consumer demands such as electrification and ever-higher functionality. Miniaturisation, high voltage, stability and higher capacitance are among further trends escalating the number of MLCCs mounted in a single vehicle.

In response to demands for optimal capacitor solutions that meet with emerging trends, Samsung Electro-Mechanics set out to develop its high-performance CL32B104KHU6PN# MLCC. Available in a compact 1210 (3.2 x 2.5mm) form factor, this X7R (±15% capacitance change rate at -55 to 125℃) component offers a high rated voltage of 630VDC. Furthermore, by expanding capacitance to 100nF in the 1210, X7R, 630V line-up, this exciting new product meets the miniaturisation and high efficiency characteristics required for electric vehicle applications such as DC-DC converters and on-board chargers (OBCs).

Samsung MLCC

While higher voltages are required for propulsion, the air conditioner and the starter motor, a DC-DC converter converts high voltages to 12VDC in order to operate in-vehicle infotainment systems, for example. This type of DC-DC converter requires MLCCs for functions such as EMI (electromagnetic interference) filtering, specifically MLCCs that can provide high capacitance at high voltages. The new CL32B104KHU6PN# from Samsung Electro-Mechanics therefore provides the optimal solution. Samples are available on request.