Van der Spek Vianen becomes new Komatsu distributor in the Netherlands

Komatsu is pleased to announce that Van der Spek Vianen B.V. (below as Van der Spek Vianen) becomes the official distributor in the Netherlands, effective July 1, 2024. This partnership aims to accelerate innovation, promote sustainable construction machineries and processes, as well as deliver premium customer support to the Dutch construction industry.

Enhanced customer focus in the Dutch market
This partnership brings together Van der Spek Vianen’s established presence and expertise in the Dutch market with Komatsu’s extensive portfolio of innovative equipment, solutions and technologies. The collaboration aims to deliver an enhanced customer experience through:

√ Comprehensive distribution network: Van der Spek Vianen’s well-developed distribution infrastructure will ensure efficient delivery and access to Komatsu equipment throughout the Netherlands.

√ Expert support and service: Leveraging Van der Spek Vianen’s experienced service team, the partnership will provide customers in the Dutch market with premium services and support.

√ In-depth understanding of the local market: The combined knowledge of both companies will allow for a deeper understanding of the Dutch market, enabling the development of solutions tailored to specific customer needs.

Shared commitment to innovation and sustainability
Both Van der Spek Vianen and Komatsu are committed to advancing sustainable practices in construction. The partnership will focus on:

√ Introducing zero-emission technologies: Komatsu’s latest advancements, including zero-emission and fuel-efficient equipment, will be readily available to Dutch customers.

√ Innovative solutions for sustainability: This collaboration will also explore innovative solutions that minimize environmental impact through an optimized construction process.

Komatsu is confident that this partnership with Van der Spek Vianen will significantly strengthen our presence in the Netherlands. We are excited to leverage their expertise and market knowledge to deliver world-class customer experience and drive continued success.

Effective June 30th, 2024, Komatsu’s distribution agreement with BIA BV in the Netherlands will conclude. We thank BIA BV for their valued contribution as a Komatsu distributor and their dedication to serving the Dutch market over the years. Our strong cooperation with BIA will continue in Belgium and the African markets, and we look forward to achieving continued success together in those regions.