6 Mobile Metal Separators Sold in 3 Months

Following a surge in orders for their mobile metal separator, Steelweld Enviro Products Ltd and CRJ Services have ordered six (6) Bunting Eddy Current Separators and Rare Earth Drum Magnets in the first quarter of 2021.Ā  The Eddy Current Separators separate non-ferrous metals from non-metallic material with the Rare Earth Drum Magnets recovering magnetic materials.

Keeping A Cool Head With Data Storage

Titan Enterprisesā€™ reliable flow monitoring of refrigerant liquids using its 900 and 1000 series turbine flow sensor devices helps keep data storage cool. A leading manufacturer and supplier of precision cold liquid flow-measurement devices, Titanā€™s standard and OEM custom flowmeter designs meet the demands of specialist coolant flow applications, where reliable and effective cooling arrangements […]

Getronics and SolutionsPT announce strategic UK partnership to help businesses securely visualise their enterprise-wide real time operations

Global IT integrator GetronicsĀ has today announced a strategic alliance withĀ SolutionsPT, the leading industrial IT solutions partner and distributor of AVEVA software in the UK and Ireland. The collaboration will enable both organisations to better address industry needs for increased automation, efficiency, and digital transformation.

HanĀ® S gives users a complete cable assembly

Prefabricated interfaces for energy storage devices reduce on-site wiring costs Energy efficiency is an important global topic. Across their broad product range, HARTING is addressing this theme by offering specific solutions. With the HanĀ® S, HARTING has developed a series of connectors that enable customers to build energy storage systems based on battery modules.

Starting from zero ā€“ Eliminating unplanned downtime in industrial operations

By Andy Graham, Solutions Manager, SolutionsPT Increasing productivity is a strong driver of digital transformation and for many industrial enterprises, it is the reason they embark on the journey. At SolutionsPT, we understand that every industrial company can achieve success in a digitally transformed future and we appreciate the importance of eliminating unplanned downtime as […]

Multifaceted Indoor-Deployed Sensor Module with High-Performance Computing Resources

New unit packs significantly more processing power than competing solutions 11 May 2021 ā€“ Pushing the performance envelope with advanced edge-based hardware, Sfera Labs has introduced its latest multi-sensor module. The Exo Sense Pi leverages Raspberry Pi 4 computing capabilities. This compact wall-mount unit features a 64-bit quad-core ARM Cortex-A72 processor running at up to […]

SCIA Engineer 21

Super Powered. Super Easy: Revolutionary New Interface for SCIA Engineer 21 Hasselt, Belgium, 6 May 2021 ā€“ SCIA, world leading developers of structural design and analysis software, is delighted to announce the launch of SCIA Engineer 21. The latest update of SCIAā€™s integrated solution represents a giant leap forward in user experience and functionality, which […]

NSK bearings with patented cage elevate performance

A new series of NSK spherical roller bearings with a patented cage design is set to provide general industry with new levels of productivity, reliability and load capacity. The optimised cage reduces internal stress and eliminates the need for a guide ring, providing just two of many benefits over existing solutions. Potential applications for the […]

Phoenix Americaā€™s R2 series absolute rotary position sensors suit heavy duty position feedback tasks

R2 series absolute angle sensors from Phoenix America provide accurate and environmentally robust 12-bit resolution position measurement with standard or user-specified output curves from 60ā° to 360ā° total range. Available in a choice of analogue or PWM output versions, this sensorā€™s completely non-contacting Hall effect design – comprising a compact reinforced nylon sensor housing and […]

Plasticom helps develop and manufacture multi award winning electrical fire safety products.

Background Fires caused by high temperatures from faulty wiring is a major concern for householders and businesses alike.Ā  In England alone there are more than 6000 fires per year associated with electrical distribution. The problems of plant breakdown due to overheated electrical connections are also well known throughout manufacturing industries and cause expensive disruption.

For LV power measurements, Meggerā€™s new meter has it all

In a compact yet robust handheld unit, Meggerā€™s new DPM1000 digital power clamp meter provides all of the measuring capabilities engineers and technicians routinely need when working on low-voltage power installations. The instrument features an integrated clamp for safe, non-contact current measurement and has a large backlit 10,000 count display that is easy to read […]

Textures and Finishes on Aluminium Injection Mould Tooling

RP Technologies are the UK’s leading manufacturer of aluminium injection mould tooling along with prototype and production plastic injection moulded components. Through precision engineering combined with a wealth of experience we manufacture tooling for a whole range of industries for either prototype and development or low volume production from our UK based manufacturing facility in […]

Driving high throughput with lab automation

~ The role of motors in laboratory productivity ~ Look at every stage of the development of COVID-19 vaccines and you will find a commonality ā€” automation. From genome sequencing to clinical trials and mass production, the development speed was made possible using highly repeatable automated processes. Here Matthew Dean, sales engineer for medical applications […]