Guillaume Feliksdal, CoFounder, FELIXprinters Alberto T. Estévez, Founder and Director, iBAG-UIC Barcelona BioDigital Architecture, is the fusion of biological and digital techniques in architecture, a true coming together of intelligence from nature and computational-based technology. The discipline starts with the premise that nature has the answers, and that as our scientific understanding advances, so too […]

Can machines think?

~ The potential of artificial intelligence in motors and drives ~ Computing Machinery and Intelligence, the seminal paper by Alun Turing, posed the question, “Can machines think?” Turing’s research proved that a digital computer could simulate the behaviour of any other digital machine, given enough memory and time.

This time it’s personal

~ How the customer journey will impact the future of manufacturing ~ Customisation has changed the way we purchase hundreds of items. For example, shoes were invented over 4,000 years ago but weren’t customised for left and right feet until the industrial revolution. Now, consumers expect a lot more than shoes moulded to each foot. […]

Visual Inspection in Nuclear Environments

Resolve Optics reports on how its non-browning lenses are helping a specialist camera manufacturer to supply a turnkey solution for monitoring remote operations in high radiation environments. For the high radiation environments experienced in Nuclear Power stations, Nuclear fuel recycling plant and high energy physics facilities, conventional TV cameras and lenses have a very short […]


The ability for plant engineers to rapidly identify abnormal conditions and better manage the dynamic behaviour of their rotating plant with proven, flexible and easy-to-install monitoring systems has never been more important. With this in mind machine monitoring specialists SENSONICS has continually developed and refined its successful Sentry G3 machinery protection system which provides outstanding […]

Croft Filters – Last chance filters

Filters can not only be used in separation process but also protection for operational system. Based in Warrington, England, Croft Filters specialise in manufacturing and supplying custom industrial filters. One of Croft’s capabilities, last chance filters play an important role in protecting critical components and ensuing safe operation within a system or equipment.

Casella – providing life changing solutions for workplace and environmental hazard monitoring

Casella takes its commitment to developing life-changing monitoring technology seriously. Where workplace hazards include excessive noise or vibration levels, dust, vapours and gases that can pose potential risks to worker health, Casella is dedicated to providing innovative solutions to monitor these hazards, allowing operators to assess potent risks to health and take the necessary steps […]

TF Automation have over 40 years’ experience in the design, engineering and manufacturing of process automation solutions, supporting a wide range of manufacturing industries and have just completed another successful year.

It has been an interesting and challenging year for all and at TF Automation, we are no exception. We remained fully open during lockdown to support our varied customer base working in critical industries, both with bespoke machine build projects and the supply of pneumatics and industrial components.

Inspect and Troubleshoot Faster than Ever

FLIR Systems announced four new additions to its Exx-Series of advanced thermal imaging cameras: the E96, E86, E76 and E54. Compared to predecessor Exx-Series cameras, the new cameras offer enhanced thermal resolution for more vibrant, easy-to-read images and on-camera routing capability to improve field survey efficiency. The new Exx-Series cameras are designed to help professionals […]

Guide for Integrating Board Level Cameras

Introduction The availability of compact and powerful single board computers is enabling exciting new product designs. This is particularly useful in applications where miniaturization improves cost and/or efficiency. Additionally, vision systems are able to leverage fully-featured board level machine vision cameras to reduce a products overall size even further and provide operational flexibility while supporting […]

Linear Motor Development

Low maintenance – Long life design Over the last few years, Linmot have been developing new modular designs based on their renowned range of high-speed linear motors. This has expanded from replacing pneumatic cylinders to fully integrated modules that are much easier for customers to build directly into machines.

Riding the wave

Estimates show that wave power could supply ten per cent of the global demand for energy by the year 2050. If true, this would be a significant boost to a greener future, but currently, this renewable energy source is still in development. Here, Chris Johnson, managing director of ceramic bearing specialist SMB Bearings, explains how […]