Delta’s Ultron DPS Series chosen by leading Spanish ceramic tiles manufacturer Peronda

Peronda, a leading Spanish ceramic tiles manufacturer, has chosen Delta’s high-efficiency Ultron DPS series Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) to protect their mission critical applications. The project of the replacement of Peronda’s UPS was born after an efficiency and comparative study of 3 installed 200 kVA UPS vs Delta’s Ultron DPS 200 kVA UPS with real […]

Fortress Technology – More haste less food waste

The most recent research shared by food waste prevention experts WRAP reveals that over half of the food waste generated by the UK manufacturing and retail sector is avoidable. Good news is, the figures appear to be falling. Phil Brown, European Managing Director, Fortress Technology explains how faster high performance metal detector systems play a […]

Induction heater tutorial added to NSK academy

A new AIP+ tutorial has been added to the NSK academy online training platform ( The induction heater module is the latest to join other AIP+ (Added Value Programme) maintenance and service tool tutorials already available on the site. NSK’s specially developed training modules help registered academy users discover how AIP+ tools can be used […]

Strathmore Foods secures sustainable future through steam

Scottish food manufacturer Strathmore Foods has successfully enhanced its health and safety, process productivity, and sustainability performance after an audit of its Forfar plant identified a series of potential improvements. Like many food manufacturers, Strathmore Foods counts water, energy, and fuel costs among the highest of its overheads. The family-operated firm was keen to improve […]

Versatile Analyser for Polymer & Protein Characterisation

The BI-MwA Molecular Weight Analyser from Testa Analytical Solutions e.K. is a high-performance tool for studying synthetic and natural polymers in solution as well as investigating protein aggregation, oligomerization, and complex formation Employing a 30mW, 660 nm diode laser – the BI-MwA uses 7 angles to determine the intensity of scattered light as a function of angle and polymer concentration. Using this information, […]

TLM Target Laser Cutting Growth With Universal Laser Systems Partnership

TLM Laser has announced a further expansion of their laser technology portfolio to include the comprehensive Universal Laser Systems (ULS) range. This now enables the company to offer laser-cutting solutions for the broadest range of materials including organics, plastics and metals. TLM Laser’s philosophy is one of building a portfolio of world-class laser processing technologies […]