First engineering firms to secure Made Smarter support announced Pioneers across sectors set to benefit from pilot digital tech programme

Nine pioneering companies based in the North West are the first in the country to benefit from a government programme designed to boost UK manufacturing productivity and growth through the adoption of digital technology. Based in Greater Manchester, Cheshire, Lancashire and the Liverpool City Region, the nine companies are set to introduce 12 advanced manufacturing […]

South Africa Invests in Flow Chemistry

Uniqsis reports on two major orders for its FlowSyn™ flow chemistry systems from organisations involved with the South African Pharmaceutical Industry. In the pharmaceutical sector, industry growth in the emerging world is rapidly outpacing mature markets like Europe and the US. Although at present the pharma industries across Africa account for just 2% of the global […]

Camille Bauer Metrawatt AG sets a new standard for creating mains quality compliance reports, conveniently and without expensive software

A revolutionary new idea from Camille Bauer Metrawatt AG – the instrumentation specialist for power quality analysis. The function is easy to use and is called PQ EasyReporting. An innovation that allows you to generate either standard-compliant or user-specific statistical reports directly from the measurement instrument. All this can be done completely autonomously without using […]


Nuneaton, 16 May 2019 – Camozzi Automation’s Series 23 pneumatic cylinders embrace the innovative concept of ‘auto-cushioning’; reducing installation and commissioning time, to provide a cost-effective alternative to manually adjustable cylinders. The versatile, general-purpose cylinder is compliant to ISO 6432; its patented system* automatically adjusting cushioning in order to provide optimal deceleration under every condition. […]

New Electrode Enhances Zeta Potential Measurement

Testa Analytical Solutions e.K. has introduced a Small Volume Electrode (BI-SVE175) that pushes the boundaries of Zeta Potential measurement. Its novel design minimizes waste and preserves expensive or scarce samples with its ability to measure Zeta Potential from a sample volume of just 175 microliters.Not only does the BI-SVE175 preserve samples, it can measure sensitive samples such as proteins without […]

Inline and robot-mounted 3D inspection system enables fast, reliable defect detection on non-reflecting surfaces

Precision sensor manufacturer Micro-Epsilon has launched a 3D non-contact surface inspection system for defect detection and for inspecting the aesthetic appearance of non-reflecting (matt, unpainted, plastic and bare metal) surfaces. The turnkey system enables fast, reliable 100% surface inspection and can be integrated directly into processing/assembly lines or on robots. The new surfaceCONTROL system from […]

Analysing Complex Ultra Fast Events

SIM Series ultra-high speed framing cameras from Specialised Imaging incorporate an auxiliary optical port enabling secondary instruments such as streak cameras, high speed video or time resolved spectrometers to share the same optical axis as the framing channels. The ability, without compromise, to simultaneously analyse transient events with hyphenated time resolved imaging technologies opens the door to dissecting even […]

KEB feed-forward control algorithm reduces positional tracking errors tenfold in non-linear kinematics.

In mechanical engineering, electronically controlled drives for controlling uneven motion sequences have become increasingly established as an alternative to standard mechanical cam discs. Eccentrics, crankshafts and toggle levers are integral to many production machines in the textiles, printing and packaging industries: they drive mechanical motion in linear and non-linear kinematics. The COMBIVERT F6 and S6 […]

TE Connectivity’s SOLARLOK 2.0 DC connectors for PV panels enable fast and reliable field installation

DARMSTADT, Germany – May 16, 2019 – TE Connectivity (TE), a world leader in connectivity and sensors, has introduced SOLARLOK 2.0 connectors. The new products enable photovoltaic system installers to make reliable connections more easy, quickly and cost-effectively. SOLARLOK 2.0 is a field-installable product that uses Insulation Displacement Contact (IDC) technology to create a connection […]

FUCHS to continue apprenticeship push

One of the UK’s leading lubricant manufacturers has demonstrated its commitment to developing the next generation of talent by extending its apprenticeship programme. FUCHS Lubricants currently has 13 apprentices operating from its UK headquarters in Stoke-on-Trent, and the search is on for more youngsters to join the growing team. Apprentices were first employed by FUCHS […]

Sage research reveals 99 per cent of process manufacturers preparing for growth despite challenging market conditions

Majority of UK manufacturers say regulatory change is impacting business but are responding by investing in new technologies and Brand Britain London, UK – 16th May 2019 — Sage (FTSE: SGE), the market leader in cloud business management solutions, has released its global state of the nation report on process manufacturing, revealing a sector that’s […]

Adapter Enables Parallel Chemical Reactions at Over 400°C

Asynt announces the DrySyn Multi-M high temperature adapter – a unique product that enables scientists to undertake parallel reactions that require solution temperatures of over 400°C. A significant number of Asynt customers worldwide have reported great success in using single position DrySyn heating block systems at high temperatures. However, in order to carry out very high temperature reactions […]

Mounted or Unmounted Spherical Mirrors

Optical Surfaces Ltd. is a leading international manufacturer of high precision spherical mirrors with radii (Rc) from 25 to 5000mm (1 to 200 inches) for use in UV-Visible and Infrared applications including Schlieren imaging, wind tunnels, observatory spectrographs, bubble chambers and as hindle spheres to test hyperboloids. Over the last 50+ years, Optical Surfaces has produced concave and convex […]


Freymatic is building shot peening plants for the construction of aircraft engines – and, to do this, it’s opting for Motion Control by KOLLMORGEN to achieve high quality requirements       The shot needs to hit accurately. This is the only way for their power to be optimally deployed. This power does not do […]

Easily mop industrial spills

Brady Corporation introduces the HandySorb, a new, practical tool to remove spills in many workplaces. The HandySorb mop features an extendable handle and works with engineered pads to safely remove spills in a highly efficient and easy way.   Safe spill clean-up HandySorb works with inert meltblown polypropylene pads and pillows that do not react […]


Global transportation leader to leverage F900 3D Printer to accelerate final part production of interior and exterior train parts, while reducing physical spare-part inventory    Minneapolis & Rehovot, Israel, May 15th, 2019 — Further transforming traditional manufacturing processes with 3D printing, Stratasys (Nasdaq: SSYS) today announced that German-based manufacturer Bombardier Transportation will utilize the large-scale […]

Water Equipment Show: WEG showcases partnerships with water firms that focus on Totex (total expenditure) management to support AMP 7 industry framework

WEG, a leading global manufacturer of motors and drive technology, will demonstrate at the Water Equipment Show how it reliably partners with major international water companies to help them maintain long-term performance and cost-effective maintenance of assets such as pumps, pumping systems and other associated control equipment and operational activities. The topic of Totex (total […]

Tri-axis inertial measurement goes below ground: Tamagawa’s IMUs used for novel subterranean duct and borehole curvature measurement instrument

Combining its gyro-equipped inertial measurement units (IMUs) and including a high definition camera and additional sensors, Tamagawa Seiki’s TUG-NAVI ‘Under Ground Navigator’ enables highly precise curvature and inner diameter measurement plus visual inspection for subterranean ducts and boreholes. The sensor and motion control component designer and manufacturer, represented in the UK by Mclennan, developed the […]

De Dietrich and Neutramiante have developped an innovative solution to treat and recover asbestos waste

The NEVADA process (Neutralisation et Valorisation des Déchets d’Amiante – neutralization and valorization of asbestos wastes), at the heart of the circular economy, consists in operating a clean eco-industrial process for neutralising and recycling asbestos waste.The Neutramiante Company and the De Dietrich Process Systems Group have come up with a clean, sustainable and cost-effective solution […]

OPC UA in the smart factory

The story of the Tower of Babel describes a time where all human beings spoke the same language. When the Babylonians decided to build a tower tall enough to reach heaven, God stepped in and created a multitude of languages so the builders could no longer understand each other. The result? The tower was never […]