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ODU CatchnLock®

Based on pogo-pin contact technology, space-saving assembly ratios and an extremely flat connector design can be achieved for optimized cable routing.

Compared to competitors’ products on the market, the ODU CatchnLock® offers a significantly higher number of contacts in the same size ratio.

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Titan Enterprises Explores the Relationship Between Repeatability and Accuracy of Flowmeters

The demand for high-accuracy meters in flow measurement has indeed grown over the years, driven by various factors such as stricter government regulations and the need for more precise measurements in critical applications.  Manufacturers of flow measurement devices like Titan Enterprises are continually investing in research and development to introduce new technologies that enhance the accuracy and performance of their flow measuring instruments. This includes innovations such as improved sensor technology, advanced signal processing algorithms, and enhanced calibration methods.

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Streamline Your Supply of Quality Parts for Trucks & Trailers

Having a streamline supply of quality parts is a key ingredient to success for truck and trailer manufacturers. With Class 7 and 8 commercial vehicle production growing to 23.7 million units worldwide in 2023, the number of heavy goods trailers in daily use is prolific. Yet, with governments and environmental considerations influencing the reduction of CO2 emissions, trailer manufacturers are challenged to reimagine the design and production of their builds and to ensure they utilize quality parts. 

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SICK Brings Liquid Lens Technology to its Smallest Lector Code Reader

SICK has added Liquid Lens technology to the Lector 61X, its smallest image-based code reader, to deliver rapid and infinitely-variable focal adjustment and a significantly-extended depth of field. The SICK Lector611 with Liquid Lens packs outstanding read performance and operational versatility into an ultracompact device.

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Registration for Subcon 2024 is officially open!

Celebrating 47 years on the 5-6 June 2024 at the NEC, Birmingham, Subcon will showcase over 200 subcontract and outsourced engineering services to a expected audience of over 4500 senior attendees. It remains the essential event for manufacturing buyers across all industry sectors, providing a unique platform to source suppliers, benchmark capabilities, and network with industry leaders.

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Accessing Production Data vs Cybersecurity? Why not both?

You can secure your plant, or you can access your production data—but not both.  At least, that was the conventional wisdom for decades. Now Industrie 4.0 and competitive pressures are pushing companies to find a way to access production data securely.  The good news is, it can be done.

Some options are better than others, though. For example, VPNs are not a safe bet.

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Magnets for Revolutionary Solar Car

Bunting is supporting the Brunel Solar Team with specialist magnets and technical support in the development of their Nuna 12S solar powered car.  The Nuna 12S will complete with other teams in the 16th Sasol Solar Challenge (September 2024), driving from Johannesburg to Cape Town in South Africa.

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Custom Off-Axis Paraboloids

Optical Surfaces Ltd is a leading international producer of large diameter prototype and custom Off-Axis Paraboloids (OAPs) that deliver outstanding performance.

Benefiting from an ultra-stable manufacturing environment, and employing proprietary production techniques, Optical Surfaces highly skilled engineers are world renowned for producing OAP mirrors with unmatched surface accuracy, quality, and slope errors.

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