ODU CatchnLock®

Compact and flat, with intuitive locking

Based on pogo-pin contact technology, space-saving assembly ratios and an extremely flat connector design can be achieved for optimized cable routing.

Compared to competitors’ products on the market, the ODU CatchnLock® offers a significantly higher number of contacts in the same size ratio.

The ODU CatchnLock® is an ideal interface solution for many markets and applications. Applications include soldier systems (helmet interface, communications equipment), handheld meters, camera systems, sensors, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), test systems and wearables.

All the benefits:

  • Up to 18 signal contacts
  • Cat. 6A
  • Solder and PCB termination possible
  • IP50–IP68 protection
  • Rated current: max. 3.5 A (5 A peak)
  • Rated voltage: < 16.8 V
  • Test Voltage: 1,500 V
  • 5,000 mating cycles

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