Anybus X-gateways from HMS offer connectivity to Ethernet POWERLINK

Ethernet POWERLINK becomes the 17th industrial network to be included in the Anybus® X-gateway™ offering. The new gateways enable system integrators and machine builders to connect POWERLINK-systems to any other fieldbus or industrial Ethernet network. Ethernet POWERLINK is an industrial Ethernet network originating from the Austrian automation company B+R, established as a leading network for […]

Cold Jet Launches New R1000H Dry Ice Pellet-to-Slice Reformer

To understand growing customer needs, Cold Jet – the worldwide leading manufacturer of high performance, reliable dry ice cleaning and production equipment – developed the new R1000H pellet-to-slice reformer. Built by combining technologies of the SL1000H slice maker and R3000 reformer, the R1000H pellet-to-slice reformer is equipped with numerous technological innovations and is designed to […]

Measuring Flow of Low Viscosity Fluids

Based on a radial flow technique, Titan Enterprises turbine flowmeter range provides the ideal way for accurately measuring the flow of low viscosity liquids. Classic turbine flowmeters use propeller type turbines in a closed circular conduit. The turbine is mounted on low friction bearings and its rotation is detected through the chamber wall by one of […]

Toshiba gate driver photocoupler with 2.5A peak output current in low profile package

Ultra slim device guarantees 5kV isolation and 8.0mm creepage and clearance distances   Düsseldorf, Germany, 19 April 2018 – Toshiba Electronics Europe today announced the launch of a new gate driver photocoupler housed in a low-profile SO8L package. The TLP5832 delivers 2.5A peak output current (IOPH,IOPL) and can directly drive medium-class IGBTs and MOSFETs in applications such as […]

XYZ starts and ends MACH on a high

In the two months prior to the MACH exhibition [February and March] XYZ Machine Tools recorded its two best-ever months for machine orders. This may have indicated that customers were pre-empting MACH and getting their orders in early, but this wasn’t the case with the exhibition delivering exceptional sales and enquiries. All of which continues […]

VERLINDE wins the contract for the installation of lifting equipment at the maintenance facility of the new mine belonging to OCP, a world-leading phospahtes producer at EL HALASSA in MOROCCO.

The Cherifian Office for Phosphates enjoys a privileged position in the industrial history of Morocco. Set up in 1920 for the activity of mining and rock processing, OCP has become important over time up the entire value chain, from the production of fertilizers to that of phosphorc acid, via the production of byproducts. It is […]

Range Finding APDs in Smallest Possible SMD Housing – Low-Cost Avalanche Photodiode in an M1 Package

LASER COMPONENTS has announced that its cost-effective SAH series of avalanche photodiodes is now available in an M1 package. This is the smallest available SMD housing, at only 2mm x 1.4mm. Optimised for wavelengths of 850nm and 905nm, these components are mainly designed for range finding applications in which larger detectors cannot be installed due […]


Bodycote, the world’s largest provider of heat treatment and specialist thermal processing services, announces that it has signed a 15-year contract with Rolls-Royce’s Civil Aerospace business. The contract is expected to be worth over £160 million in incremental revenues over the 15-year period. Sales will ramp up over the next five years.   


Stratasys 3D printers and materials provide extremely high levels of strength, durability and thermal properties to power missions to deep space Variant of new Stratasys Antero™ 800NA, PEKK-based material offers electro-static dissipative (ESD) functionality for advanced mechanical, chemical, and thermal properties

Global intelligent products provider Flex honours TR with preferred supplier award

TR Fastenings (TR) was recently presented with a “preferred supplier award” from its key global customer Flex (formerly Flextronics) in recognition of a long and successful business relationship. Flex provides innovative design, engineering, manufacturing, real-time supply chain insight and logistics services to companies of all sizes and industries. The award recognises TR’s strategic supplier status […]

State of the Art Spectrometer Enables TR to Check for Hazardous Substances

X-Ray Fluorescence machine ensures compliance with RoHS legislation As part of TR Fastenings (TR)’s continuous commitment to environmental legal compliance, the firm uses a world-class X-Ray Fluorescence spectrometer to conduct checks. This sophisticated machine enables TR to go beyond basic testing to ensure consistent legal compliance. The spectrometer checks incoming products for traces of hazardous elements, […]

TR retains level 2 JOSCAR status

Accreditation register is used by buyers in the defence, aerospace and security sectors TR Fastenings has retained level 2 status in the Joint Supply Chain Accreditation Register (JOSCAR), a database of firms that have undergone accreditation to prove they have the systems in place to supply to the aerospace, defence and security industry. The JOSCAR […]

Investment in New X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer Reinforces TR Fastenings’ Commitment to Ensuring Compliance & Customer Confidence

As a leading global manufacturer and distributor of industrial components, TR Fastenings is seriously committed to ensuring all its products comply with the necessary substance-based legislation, such as RoHS 2 and REACH. These European directives restrict the amounts of hexavalent chromium, lead, mercury, cadmium and other hazardous elements in products, where content needs to be […]