Global manufacturer Renold is investing in new WMS and ERP technology to boost the efficiency of its business Renold plc is a global manufacturer of industrial chain, coupling and gearbox solutions. The group delivers high precision engineered and power transmission products to a wide range of markets, from cement making and chocolate manufacturing to subway […]


Spray nozzle specialists THE SPRAY NOZZLE PEOPLE (SNP) are pleased to announce a new range of spray control products. SNP have established themselves over the last 18 years as leading experts in spray nozzle technology advising a multitude of food process, manufacturing and chemical companies on correct nozzle selection and spray process optimisation, as quite […]

Christeyns Food Hygiene launches the ultimate CIP Solution

Christeyns Food Hygiene, based in Warrington, has partnered with H&M Disinfection Systems to launch a new, bespoke containerised CIP system for optimising cleaning equipment in the food and dairy industry. Container In Place is a bespoke, containerised Cleaning in Place (CIP) system which comes fully loaded and self-contained, ready to be connected directly to existing […]

HARTING adds three new versions to Easy Access series of housings for D-Sub InduCom industrial Bus interface connectors

HARTING has added three new versions to its Easy Access series of housings for its D-Sub InduCom family of industrial Bus interface connectors. The new models, with 25, 15 and 9-poles respectively and three straight cable-entry points each, complement the existing 50-pole and 37-pole units, each having three straight cable-entry points. The straight cable inputs […]

Using the IIoT to Improve Packaging Line Performance

Incremental implementation of the IIoT by plant engineers and other experts is the best route to success. Food packaging plants face a host of challenges in terms of eliminating food waste, improving safety and increasing uptime. These challenges are heightened by a confluence of external factors including pressure on margins, responding to real-time demand, requirements […]

Retrospective digitalisation

~ Making the most of legacy equipment ~   According to the Annual Manufacturing Report, 2018, four in five manufacturers believe that smart factory technologies will improve their supply chain relationships. The proposed benefits of data collection from smart sensors are huge, but some manufacturers still feel that a smart factory is out of their […]

Emerging Manufacturing Technologies Demand Modernisation

By Sally Comollo, Director, Global Communications, Brand & Content, Stratus Technologies  The goal of minimising downtime has been a priority for the manufacturing industry, really all industries, for some time now. However, recent technology shifts and the emergence of a booming IoT (Internet of Things) has moved downtime prevention from a goal to a business-critical need.

Defining Autonomous Machine Vision – a new category

~ Industrial manufacturing will never be the same ~ “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” These are the words of Buckminster Fuller, an architect, engineer and thinker who was passionate about inventing the future. Here Harel Boren, CEO of Autonomous […]

ATEX compliant drive systems: A sure thing

Whether in the chemical, pharmaceutical or food industries: Flammable gases and dust in processing industries create serious safety risks for people and machines. NORD DRIVESYSTEMS has been a certified manufacturer for many years and since 2003 its range includes ATEX compliant drive solutions such as dust or gas explosion protected motors, gear units and electronic […]

A Faster Horse Launches to Provide Brand-Neutral Manufacturing Resource

Fagersta, July 2018 – As a new brand-neutral online platform, A Faster Horse provides users in the manufacturing industry, at no cost, direct access to experts, knowledge, insights and solutions from a wide range of qualified partners. Partners provide groups through which subscribers can access specialized content, advice and solutions designed to optimize operational efficiency, […]