Heason Technology technical note: Motion control can improve performance and efficiency for waste recycling

As waste recycling industries increasingly look towards technology to improve efficiency and productivity, many are turning to motion control as part of automation systems that improve throughput and optimise processing quality. With the already ubiquitous use of sophisticated automated systems in large-scale industrial waste processing plants where significant improvements continue to be made possible, manufacturers […]

The @Belden Coffee Break Series –

During this unprecedented period, it’s never been more important to stay connected and secure. This is why Belden is launching a new learning series for medical, logistics and infrastructure operators, that highlights what’s happening in key security fields including TSN (Time-Sensitive Networking), cyber security, and particularly important right now: remote connectivity.


The Internet of Things (IoT) has far reaching ramifications for industry in general and for precision molding in particular. While most analysis of the IoT is in respect of its positive influence on manufacturing processes, the growth in the IoT also opens up huge possibilities for micro molding as there is burgeoning demand for a […]

Medium Pressure Gas Regulators – J125s from Honeywell

We have been supplying the Honeywell J125 for many years now, the J125 sits within the industrial range of gas regulators that we can supply, and of course, it lives up to Honeywell’s high-quality expectations. The J125 Regulator from Honeywell is used where accurate pressure control is required, often used for industrial pressure reducing, district distribution, and metering stations. […]