NEW VIDEO Explaining ODU High-Speed Data Technology

If you want your connection system to achieve the desired transmission performance even under harsh conditions, ODU offers the right system solution “off the shelf”.

Andreas Pfeffer, Product Marketing Specialist at ODU Connectors has produced a new video showing three typical application areas (industrial, medical and military) to illustrate the key benefits for customer applications when using ODU connectors.

ODU cable assemblies for data technology enable the safe transmission of standard protocols such as Ethernet/IP®, SPE, USB®, HDMI® and DisplayPort® even in the harshest environments.

Fibre Optics

Fibre-Optics are the optimal connection technology whenever the highest data rates and fast, interference‐free transmissions are required. We deliver quality and stability – our high‐performance optical technologies can serve a wide and demanding range of applications.

Whether for particularly harsh environments, high mating cycles, or long transmission distances: ODU Fiber Optic is the ideal system solution for industrial outdoor use, medical technology, or standard applications in which speed and reliability are important.

ODU’s Expanded Beam Performance Range

Particularly suitable for military applications, it is available glass-fibre (multimode or singlemode) and plastic-fibre (singlemode).

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Hybrid Connectors

ODU also offers hybrid connectors that combine fibre-optics with power, signal and non-magnetic RF contacts – a distinct design advantage for the likes of MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) equipment etc.

Preassembled system solutions

Terminating optical fibre requires a specific skill-set, but you do not necessarily need it in-house as ODU also offers fully-assembled fibre-optic system solutions, whatever the application.  

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