Gas Meter Test Rig Solutions for Everyone

When a client approached Chell Instruments with a specific challenge, our engineering team got straight to work. Using our industry-leading expertise and experience, the ideal solution was developed to satisfy their gas meter calibration requirements. Now, a version of the Gas Meter Test Rig (GMTR) we created is available from Chell for everyone wishing to […]


Multicar is a versatile monorail system manufactured in Germany by Telelift GmbH and supplied, installed and maintained in the UK by Quirepace Ltd. A Multicar installation consists of a network of track, which can be linked by switches (points) enabling complex layouts to be configured. Trolleys operate autonomously on the track network carrying diverse payloads […]

Keysight Technologies Delivers Professional Functionality in Entry-Level Oscilloscope

New 200 MHz, 4-channel oscilloscopes ensure measurements at affordable price Keysight has introduced the 200 MHz, 4-channel models of the InfiniiVision 1000 X-Series oscilloscopes, providing professional-level measurements and capabilities at an affordable price, including 4-wire Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) decode and remote connection via local area networks (LANs).


The development of increasingly sophisticated automation systems is one of the main drivers for distance measurement sensors to combine features and functions such as high-accuracy, high speed and micro-millimeter precision, along with all the benefits of IO-Link connectivity. BAUMER is a leader in sensor technology and is responding with innovative, market leading products such as […]

The UT Gauge Designed for Engineers Working at Height

Cygnus Instruments Ltd has been a leading global manufacturer of both surface-based and underwater ultrasonic thickness gauges since 1983. The UK based company is the proud pioneer of the multiple-echo measuring technique – which has long been an industry standard for through coating measurement of material thickness.  Cygnus thrives on developing a product range that […]


Established in 1958 and home to the award-winning Dorset Clotted Cream, BV Dairy is one of the most highly respected suppliers of specialist dairy products in the South West of England.  In 2016, after being awarded a long-term contract to supply cultured milk drinks and drinking yogurts, they made a multimillion-pound investment in a new […]


ESAB Welding & Cutting Products has optimised the consumables on its iSeries high-precision plasma systems for plasma bevelling applications. The new design, distinguished by a more pointed nozzle and shield cap, narrows the torch profile to enable tilting the torch at greater angles, moving the torch closer to the plate to maintain optimum arc lengths […]

Digitalization and the food and beverage industry

Wikipedia, the world’s largest free-content encyclopedia, now has over 41,000,000 articles in 294 languages. If printed, the English articles alone would form an impressive, but unrealistic 2,512 volumes. Without digitalization and the widespread use of computers, this amazing wealth of knowledge would be impossible. Here, Robert Glass, global food and beverage communications manager at ABB, […]


The Jaldhaka Stage-1 Hydropower Station operated by the West Bengal State Electricity Distribution Company (WBSEDCL) is back online following the successful completion of a project to convert its oil lubricated turbine guide bearing to Thordon’s water lubricated SXL bearing solution. Thordon Bearings’ Global Service & Support division completed the bearing conversion of the 10MW Francis […]

CAPM347 high speed 24VDC embedded printer for retail, vending and kiosk applications

BVM, official distributor for Seiko Instruments’ printer mechanisms and portable printers for the UK and Ireland, has announced the CAPM347, a 24VDC high-speed rugged thermal print and cut unit optimised for use in ticketing and vending machines, receipt printing, lottery terminals, ATMs or other industrial, retail or medical applications. Two versions are available: for Point-of-Sale […]

High Speed, High Sensitivity Thermal Cameras

  FLIR X6900sc SLS and FLIR X8500sc SLS thermal cameras provide the faster frame rates, shorter snapshot speeds, and wider temperature ranges needed for the most demanding scientific research applications. These outstanding thermal cameras feature strained layer superlattice (SLS) detectors filtered for longwave infrared. These SLS detectors produce high frame rates and wide temperature ranges, […]

Maxon launches additional EtherCAT motion controllers.

The EPOS4 product family is now complete. With the EPOS4 series, maxon is offering a reliable and extremely versatile platform of high-performance motion controllers. It addresses the needs of system integrators and fulfills the requirements of a variety of applications, such as industrial automation, apparatus engineering, and robotics. The platform is now being complemented with […]