Motion control for farm automation: Heason Technology motion system automates Pharmweigh’s new weigh crate

Pharmweigh, based near Bury St Edmunds -UK, is a leading designer and manufacturer of high-quality livestock and agricultural weighing equipment. Its load bars – portable weighing systems for all types of livestock, as well as feed mills and bagging etc. – are highly regarded for their exceptionally long life and high reliability. The same highly […]

Stadler and Houghton International to deliver fleet renewal maintenance program for Tyne & Wear Metro

Swiss train manufacturer Stadler has signed a contract with electro mechanical repair specialist Houghton International to extend maintenance support for the Tyne and Wear Metro until October 2023. Houghton International will work with Stadler to deliver an accelerated maintenance plan, increasing contracted volumes to extend the life of the current fleet of trains until the […]

🔬Precision🏎️ High-Speed Measurement📏 with Contrinex Long-range Analogue📈 Inductives🧲 Manages Web Tension –

A manufacturer of textile handling machines trusts the speed, precision and reliability of Contrinex’s long-range Analogue Inductive sensors to measure the small changes in the position of a ‘dancer’ roller or ‘follower’, which follows the fabric web’s position and so indicates the web’s tension. The sensor’s precision measurement is fed into a tension control system, […]

Upgrading your legacy alarms

~ Cost-effective legacy alarm replacements for Uganda’s power generator ~ If the alarm in your house becomes obsolete, you simply update it in line with the latest technology to keep you and your family safe. Unfortunately, this common-sense approach doesn’t always extend to industrial plants. Here Ian Loudon, international sales and marketing manager at legacy […]

Five steps to avoid common causes of bearing failure

Bearings may be small, but they play an invaluable role in keeping industrial machinery running smoothly. Improper lubrication, contamination, corrosion, overload, along with improper handling, mounting and storage are all leading causes of bearing failure. Here Chris Johnson, managing director at specialist bearing supplier SMB Bearings, outlines five steps to avoid these common problems and […]

JVL’s ServoStep™ series integrated stepper motors are now available with Wireless Industrial Ethernet

JVL Industri Elektronik A/S, the Danish motion control designer and manufacturer, has recently added a Wireless Industrial Ethernet communication option to its ServoStep™ integrated stepper motor series. Available with full support from Mclennan, JVL’s UK distribution partner, the new wireless option supports Profinet, EtherNet/IP and ModbusTCP/UDP protocols and is available across its MIS and MIL […]

Smart Factory Expo 2021

INSPHERE is an innovative technology company focusing on developing and implementing metrology and data capture systems into high-value manufacturing processes. Working across multiple industries, including Energy, Automotive and Aerospace, the company creates solutions that enable measurement data to be used to drive and improve manufacturing processes, enabling a step-change in process flexibility, efficiency, and productivity.

Variohm EuroSensor expands pressure sensor range with rail industry specification variant

Variohm EuroSensor continues to expand its range of pressure sensors with a new variant that meets the rigorous environmental and performance requirements of the rail transport industry. Tested to EN rail industry standards for EMC, vibration, shock, and corrosion resistance the new EPT3100R is available with IP66 or optionally IP69K protection. Twenty gauge-pressure range options […]

Crosser and Paessler partner to enable central monitoring of IT and OT

Crosser, an expert in edge analytics, integration and automation software and network monitoring specialist Paessler have announced a collaboration to provide customers with all-round monitoring of IT and OT environments. Based on Crosser’s pre-processing of OT data, Paessler’s PRTG Network Monitor can integrate OT environments and devices into overall monitoring to provide users with a […]

Wattmanufactur GmbH & Co. KG Opens Germany’s Largest Solar Parkwith Single-axis Tracking Featuring M88H Inverters from Delta Electronics

Wattmanufactur GmbH & Co. KG, a long-standing partner of Delta Electronics, opened the Lottorf Solar Park on July 30, 2021 with the Germany federal party chairman Dr. Robert Habeck (Bündnis 90/die Grünen) in attendance. The 10 MWp solar park in the district of Schleswig-Flensburg/Schleswig-Holstein is currently the largest ground-mounted photovoltaic system in Germany with a […]

Streamlining the eMobility scale-up

~ Supply chain management for electric vehicle production ~ In October 2021, while petrol stations saw long queues, enquiries for electric vehicles (EVs) soared. The petrol shortage provided an additional nudge to accelerate the already growing consumer appetite for greener vehicles. Here Chris Billinge, business development director at supply chain specialist TFC, shares his insights […]

Wait or Hold?

Buffering delivers a leaner, faster edition to your overall warehouse processes Warehouse and production operations use buffer systems when their processes include a wait or hold step, material handling process requires reserve inventory to manage fluctuating demands, or when there’s a requirement for a quick and accurate order consolidation process before shipping. Without the proper […]