X-STK set to become authorised Universal Robots trainers

Two members of Applied Automation’s X-STK team been to Denmark for a week of intensive training at Universal Robot’s headquarters to become authorised Universal Robots trainers. Universal Robots is the leading manufacturer of collaborative robots. The Authorised Trainer Program is a three day course. It focuses on the delivery of UR content that makes up […]

Pleated Depth Filter Enhances Enzyme Production

Amazon Filters reports on how a leading Animal Healthcare company has made significant time and cost savings through implementation of a SupaPore 16FPW microfiltration system for bioburden control on its 100m3 batch production of an enzyme added to chicken feed. The customer was originally using a 10-inch pre-filter and final filter combination for bioburden control from a different supplier. Using this set-up not […]

HARTING launches new M12 PushPull connector solution for factory automation applications

HARTING has launched a new M12 PushPull metric circular connector solution that is compatible with the needs of factory automation applications. The new connector adds the benefits of fast and easy handling to the existing advantages of PushPull locking technology in a “Plug&Produce” approach to sensor or control installation. The entire field of circular connectors […]

£2.25 million Innovate UK-funded project sees patent for innovation using particle beams in 3D printing

    £2.25 million Innovate UK-funded project sees patent for innovation using particle beams in 3D printing Precision engineering company Reliance Precision is working with the University of Huddersfield to develop intricate, high-strength components for the aerospace industry and medical implants among others. A £2 million-plus research collaboration between University of Huddersfield scientists and a […]

2019 – The Year of 3D Innovation

The speed of 3D print development over the past few years has frustrated and excited in equal measure. No one would deny the compelling vision presented by a technology that offers the chance to essentially manufacture on demand or the prototyping opportunities enabled by low cost desktop 3D printers.


Coding experts at Rotech have proved that it is possible to produce clear white and black codes, cost effectively on problematic HDPE surfaces through a project at UK plastic extrusions manufacturer Verplas. The economical and compact iJet TIJ (thermal inkjet) overprinter has enabled the Dorset-based extrusion and injection moulding company to enhance print quality and […]

Step into the future of measurement with Sontex

The Sontex Superstatic 440 heating and cooling meter is the future of measurement, using the fluidic oscillation principle and being capable of tolerating over 100 known glycol solutions, this really is stepping forward into the future of heat metering. Need to read remotely? Not a problem! The Sontex 440 range has M-Bus, MODBus, Pulsed, and Radio […]

Technifast Non-Standard Dowel Pin Service

Technifast provides a specialist dowel-pin service, now offering dowels with longer lengths up to 120mm on diameters below 5mm.  Their machining capabilities allow for the production of dowels up to 32mm diameter, giving the option to add features such as flats and Circlip grooves, or internal /external threads.  The company specialises in production of stainless […]


The initial lubrication of chain is its most vital. Premature chain wear can often be attributed to poor lubrication and maintenance. So how do chain manufacturers provide optimum lubrication of new chain? The most effective lubrication is one that has a high viscosity (thickness) which resists fling that is caused by the rotary motion of […]