Project Management for the Food & Dairy Industry

Specialising in design, build, project management and consultancy, FEG Ltd prides itself in problem solving and generating cost savings for its clients.

FEG offer a combined project team with experienced managers and engineers with specialist skills for the Food & Dairy Industry that are hard to find through either using other engineering houses or employing contract support. 

Specialist skills include electrical design and control engineers, mechanical 2 and 3-D design, process and system design, structural and air pollution control. FEG have particular expertise in the design and management of projects for: Product pumping technology, cheese manufacture, processing & shredding, CIP (Clean in Place) systems, milk bottling lines and filling machines, cream separation centrifuges, hygienic IDF (International Dairy Federation) pipework/couplings  and continuous and HTST (High Temperature Short Time) milk pasteurisation processes.

FEG’s Project Managers are experienced as chief engineers and know the practical day to day issues and pressures of running and owning treatment, processing and production facilities, so understand the considerations of their clients and can represent their best interests.

Typically, customers know what they’re looking for because they have identified their business needs or opportunity, but they need to call on the experience of FEG to formulate their objectives, develop the scope and specifications, assemble the project team and deliver the results. In some cases the company will supply a project manager to work from the client’s offices, but major projects, such as a recent £3m project to install a new facility,  are taken on as a complete service from feasibility to handover, with FEG providing skilled staff such as electrical and mechanical design engineers.

“What sets FEG apart…” Chris Williams, managing director at FEG said: “is the combination of experience, education and skills that many customers don’t have in-house.  This allows us to offer our clients a ‘cradle to grave’ service including CE Marking, CDM Coordinator, Electrical and Control Design, Mechanical Design (2D & 3D), Commissioning and Training Plans, and Planned Maintenance Schedules.”

Many clients need their resources focused on the day to day running of their existing facilities ensuring their production targets are achieved.  Running projects and conducting feasibility studies can be a distraction from their key objectives.  FEG ensure focus is given to any project and give a single point of accountability.

FEG’s managers and engineers are experienced in moving facilities and setting up new ones in the UK, Europe and South America.  Chris Williams, added: “Many of our customers are repeat customers, we don’t just provide one service to customers, they use us again and again.  If you help solve their problems, then they’re going to call you up again.”

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