What is AutoCoding and why should you invest in it?

Have you already experienced a “near miss” in terms of a product almost leaving your factory printed with an incorrect date code or packed in the wrong packaging? Perhaps the product didn’t hit the retail shelves this time, but nevertheless, the cost in terms of time, resource and product and/or packaging wastage can’t be ignored.

What if the incorrectly coded or packaged goods had actually made it onto the shelves? The cost of a full product recall can be huge not only in financial terms, but also in brand reputation.

AutoCoding Systems are global specialists in device automation and data integrity solutions across packaging lines. Our products comprise a proven range of modular applications, from entry level code deployment and packaging verification solutions through to complete set-up and control of all packaging line devices, such as coders, barcode scanners, labellers, metal detectors, checkweighers and vision solutions.

So what is AutoCoding?

At entry level, it’s both full coding management and packaging verification.

In simple terms, an AutoCoding system insures against any potential coding and packaging errors, as well as providing additional benefits such as increased speed and reliability of line set-up and a reduction in job changeover time.

Many customers have installed AutoCoding to meet retailer codes of practice relating to coding and packaging verification. However, once the additional benefits have been realised the solution has been rolled out onto further lines not necessarily for compliance issues, but purely for the ease of use, versatility and flexibility of the system.

Information relating to a product, such as date coding rules, packaging artwork, barcodes, coding profiles etc is entered into a secure database thereby allowing validation prior to use. The stored data is used to set up and control the relevant devices on the packaging line.   This removes the need for operators to programme the devices and, in turn, removes the risk of human error.

Whilst the entry level option offers simple code deployment and packaging verification, enhanced functionality can be achieved with the addition of various modules, such as OEE, paperless quality control, vision solutions and unique coding. The system can be extended to control outer case coders and labellers, as well as pallet labellers ensuring a completely automated end-to-end solution from primary packaging through to tertiary. All events that take place on the packaging line, managed by the AutoCoding system, are recorded in an audit log increasing traceability and accountability.

AutoCoding Systems has partner relationships with all the main coding, labelling and packaging equipment suppliers to ensure the solution integrates with the widest range of equipment on a packaging line, irrespective of brand. With over ten years’ experience, AutoCoding Systems has installed hundreds of systems within the UK and Ireland and, more recently, working with our network of specialised System Integrators, we now have installations as far afield as the US and Australia.

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