Membrane filtration is a valuable technology for the effective treatment and purification of effluent with proven success across a wide spectrum of industries as the process delivers stable operation delivering consistent performance without the use of chemicals to effect separation; critical requirements for factories intent on secure 24/7 operation.

The technology, which provides a physical controllable process for the recovery of both particulate and soluble elements, also ensures the filtrate quality to be normally consistent and protected from the day to day variations in feed constitution, a big plus for many manufacturers.

Axium Process specialises in the design and build of wastewater and effluent treatment systems utilising membrane technology which can, in some instances, produce recovery levels of up to 95% and return crystal clear, commercially sterile, warm water for further use. The company’s engineers work closely with their customers to design a system that will meet site specific requirements while providing a simple low maintenance operation that can be fully automatic and easily scaled up or expanded incrementally.

With a correctly designed system, manufacturers using Axium’s waste water and effluent treatment technology may also benefit from reduced charges under the Mogden formula with a reduced chemical impact on the environment, contributing to further cost savings in terms of chemical purchase, storage, handling and disposal.

Axium Process maintains a comprehensive range of mobile pilot plants which are available for customers wishing to carry out trials on their own specific feed material. This service is especially suitable for companies wishing to evaluate membrane filtration as a technology to upgrade their processes, treat effluent and conserve water.

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