Remote temperature and humidity monitoring helps keep a lid on politician’s hot air

Remote monitoring specialists Caption Data recently installed a range of remote temperature, humidity and moisture monitoring equipment at Westminster Hall, the oldest building in the parliamentary estate.

Westminster Hall is home to the largest medieval timber roof in Northern Europe, measuring 21m by 73m (68ft by 240ft) and some 30m tall, the roof was commissioned in 1393 by Richard II, and is still standing.

While much is known about the events that took place in the Hall’s 900-year history, in reality little is known about the internal atmosphere and conditions of the roof today.

Caption Data were commissioned to install a remote environmental monitoring system which measures a range of parameters from various points throughout the timber roof’s structure.

The RDL//1000 environmental monitoring system with 27 sensors, was installed and is now measuring timber moisture levels, temperature and humidity, taking up to 216 measurements every hour. In addition, Caption Data installed a full weather station on the roof which measures wind speed, rain, sunshine, temperature and humidity. Allowing a full comparison between the internal environment and the weather outside.

From an online data management portal called the CDLSmartHub the Parliamentary Estate’s Directorate and the team involved in the conservation project are able to view trends in data, manage sensor settings and set alarm thresholds (among other things). The CDLSmartHub provides real time alerts when alarm thresholds are met and instant access to data as soon as it’s available, allowing the team to establish the best conservation treatments for the internal stonework and roof timbers.

When alarm thresholds are met SMS and Email alerts make key personnel aware of potentially unsafe or dangerous temperature, humidity or moisture content levels.

Robin Walker, MP for Worcester said, “Hopefully 21st century internet based monitoring from Worcester based Caption Data will help preserve this fabulous building for many more centuries to come!”RDL1000 environmental monitoring system with 3 sensors

Key features of the RDL//1000 Environmental monitoring system

Parameters measured: temperature, humidity, Wood Moisture Equivalent (WME) and CO2

  • Up to 256 sensors per base station
  • Up to 500m line of sight sensor range
  • Battery powered wireless sensors
  • Mains powered base station with battery backup
  • Automatic power fail alert
  • Seamless GSM communication with onboard modem and roaming sim
  • Direct access via RS485 link to base station from local PC also available
  • Robust IP65 ABS casings

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