We recognise the power of our people here at Ogle, and it’s our people who fuel the Ogle Factor. So, we thought it was about time we introduced you to the department where ideas are brought to life: our model making team.

Introducing Ogle’s Model Shop Manager Dave Orman

A bit of background

Dave’s career began at Vauxhall, a UK automotive manufacturing company, where he completed an apprenticeship as a patternmaker. This is broadly defined into wood and metal patternmaking; creating models to produce castings. It’s important to mention now, before Dave joined us, he took some time out to work in Spain, the start of a journey we’re now fondly calling “From Pedalos to Prototypes.” Joining the team on his 27th birthday, Dave quickly developed a flair for translating and refining ideas into physical realities.

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Dave manages the model shop team as well as putting pen to paper to recommend the right processes, materials and breakdowns of each new job.

“After 32 years, this job still excites me. No two days are ever the same and the projects vary so much from industry to industry that we’re always being kept on our toes.

“A great yard stick for the success of the model making team at Ogle is just how proud and excited everyone gets about a new project. There’s no doubt, however corny it might sound, that you have those days when everyone in the team wants to go home and show their friends and family what they’ve done at work that day. It’s an absolute privilege to be involved in such prestigious jobs.

Luckily for us, they (Ogle) are always investing in the latest technology, so when there’s a new project to take on, we’ve got everything we need at our disposal. Whether we select CNC, SLA, SLS, FDM, vacuum casting or traditional bench skills, it’s all about the right technology for the client.

The Ogle Factor

“The Ogle Factor, for me, is based on the success and skill of my team. I’m always so proud of their workmanship, attention-to-detail and genuine enthusiasm for the projects. We’ve got such a strong model making team here at Ogle, I’d be pretty surprised if you could find a more passionate and skilled bunch of people anywhere else!

“What really gives us the edge is how we work with each client to get to know the project, its outcomes and what’s required, to be able to offer the most effective and appropriate solution.”

“Asking me how I feel about Ogle doesn’t really need many words: I’ve been here for over three decades, enjoying the challenges and successes that each year brings. As the company grows, adapts, changes and develops, it feels like you’re starting a new job every five years!”

Multiple processes are employed by the model making team during a project, and investments are made to ensure the equipment we utilise matches the expertise of our team. We are avid defenders of the traditional bench and hand skills used within our model making processes. The attention to detail and dimensional accuracy that is achieved ensures a precise finish to exact specifications.

To speak to a member of our team about your project, call 01462 682661.

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