Specialist accountancy firm Finsbury Robinson have made significant efficiencies and streamlined their processes with the implementation of T Cards Online.  Jamie Featherstone, Director comments, “The software is great, our accountants use it all the time and personally I love how simple it is. It has been really easy to implement and train the staff”.

With a broad range of services and a large client base it’s critical that Finsbury Robinson maintains complete control over work-in-progress, enabling directors and all stakeholders to check progress, even when away from the office.  As users of the manual T Board for many years they appreciated the simplicity of a visual planning system. When they were looking to upgrade to an online/software solution their criteria required that the system provide instant access, faster reporting and status information, minimised human-error and, crucially, provide the ability to check WIP when off-site.

Jamie continued, “We agreed that we needed to upgrade to an online workflow management system and looked at various options of accounting and non-specific software. However, these tended to be considerably more expensive (compared to T Cards Online) and offered little in additional functionality that was useful to us. Therefore, we decided to upgrade to T CARDS ONLINE, initially committing to a 4 user monthly subscription.”

What have been the key benefits of T Cards Online? Jamie elaborated “It all adds to helping us make better and more informed decisions. Directors can simply check on progress when working from home, we have the ability to produce quick basic reports, and have more accessible information about each job. The alarm functionality is particularly useful for reminders and encourages action when tasks are overdue”.  Asked about what specific problems the online version has solved, Jamie confirmed, “The system itself has created accountability and traceability with the individual logs on each particular Job.

The issues of lost information and illegible handwriting have been eliminated, but more importantly we are less likely to miss deadlines, or have delays as the information is now available to all”.

Based in Greenwich, whilst described as ‘accountants’, Finsbury Robinson provide a lot more services than just accountancy. Their wide range of clients, including engineering firms and other SME’s, rely on them for business plans, budgeting and forecasting, finance, funding and grants, HR services, tax planning, wills, estate planning, trusts and even web, SEO and graphic design.  Offering this one-stop shop approach generally appeals to smaller companies who find that outsourcing to the right partner, can be a cost-effective solution.

Finsbury Robinson is the latest company to benefit from the implementation of the T CARDS ONLINE workflow management system which has proven to be quite literally, a better way of keeping tabs on work-in-progress.