62 new fabs coming on-line in 2017-20

The 62 facilities and lines range from R&D to high-volume fabs. Most of the newly operating facilities will be volume fabs; only seven are R&Ds or Pilot facilities.

Between 2017 and 2020, 26 facilities and lines begin operation in China, about 42 percent of the worldwide total currently tracked by SEMI. The Americas region follows with 10 facilities, and Taiwan with 9 facilities.


By product type, 32% are foundries, 21% are Memory, 11% LED, then Power, MEMS, Logic, Analog, and Opto, in decreasing order.

Between 2017 and 2020, five facilities are unconfirmed, 10 are planned, 11 are announced, 26 are in construction and 10 are equipping. These numbers include facilities and lines of all probabilities, including unconfirmed projects and projects which have been announced, but may have a low probability of completion.

The projects under construction, or soon to be under construction, will be key drivers in equipment spending for this industry over the next several years — with China expected to be the key spending market.