GloFo fabs 14nm 56Gb/s SERDES

As a part of GLoFo’s high-performance ASIC offering, FX-14, the 56Gbps series is designed for customers seeking to improve power and performance efficiency while handling the most demanding long-reach high-performance applications.

GF’s 56Gbps SerDes core supports both PAM4 and NRZ signaling, with the capability to equalize over 35dB of insertion loss, eliminating the need for expensive and power-hungry repeaters currently employed in the most challenging system environments.

The 56Gbps SerDes achieves exceeds emerging 50Gbps industry standards such as OIF CEI-56G-LR and IEEE 802.3cd.

The FX-14 offering provides a broad range of High-Speed SerDes (HSS) solutions and is manufactured on the company’s 14nm FinFET (14LPP) platform at its Fab 8 facility in Malta, New York.

It claims industry-leading jitter performance and equalisation support for enhanced system performance over a wide range of high-speed interface standards and will enable high-speed connectivity and low-power solutions for current and future leading-edge networking, compute and storage applications.

“This milestone demonstrates our ability to design best-in-class ASIC solutions and deliver industry-leading performance at 56Gbps in the most demanding networking and datacenter applications at very competitive power and area,” says GloFo’s Mike Cadigan.

Customers are presently designing ASICs in 14LPP process technology using the 56Gbps and other FX-14 SerDes cores.

GloFo is currently demonstrating its 56Gbps SerDes in customer channels and will begin shipping development boards in early Q1 2017.

For next-generation data communication networks, GF is developing an advanced electrical solution for ease of migration, as well as optical variants, enabling a broad array of technology to achieve 112Gbps and beyond.