Explanation 2017 The Packaged Goods Regulation Seminar

Explanation 2017 The Packaged Goods Regulation Seminar… allowing cost savings to be made and profits to be increased.

Following the recent rebranding to Minebea Intec, from Sartorius Intec, one of the worlds premium manufacturers of weighing and inspection solutions is once again hosting the ‘explanation’ seminar on the Packaged Goods Regulations. The seminar will be held on March 15th beneath the Concorde aircraft at the Concorde Conference Centre, Manchester Airport.

With companies across the UK now looking at where cost savings can be made and profits increased, reducing ‘giveaway’ (overfill) has never been so important.

The seminar focuses on meeting the Regulation and what is required in plain English, and then on ways to make this Regulation work to reduce ‘giveaway’. The Average Weight System was introduced due to requests from manufacturing in 1980, complaining there was too much ‘giveaway’ in the minimum fill system.  Even today 37 years on, more than 70% of UK manufacturers still overfill product more than they need to under the Regulation – costing UK industry tens of thousands of pounds.

It was recognised in 2006 that the main reason behind excess ‘giveaway’ was a fear of breaking the law by not meeting the requirements of the Regulation.  This in combination with an apparent overcomplicated Regulation is still the main reason behind excess overfill.

The aim of Minebea Intec then was to make the Regulation plain and coherent not only to companies manufacturing and packing, but also to the local authorities whose job it is to inspect and regulate, which is why in past seminars we had delegates from Trading Standards authorities from across the UK. This has now become something that Minebea Intec are known for and consulted on frequently.

This is the only opportunity any company filling to volume or weight will have to ask questions about the regulation without the fear of being inspected or prosecuted. Delegates who have attended the seminar in the past know it is possible to replace, better to be safe than sorry with, better to be well-informed and profitable.

This full-day Seminar, which is in collaboration with the Trading Standards and consultation with NWML, has a registration fee of £189 + VAT and includes lunch, all training material and certification. Register at: https://promotions.sartorius-intec.net/the-wm-package-goods-regulation-semina or you can email at: [email protected]