Cost Effective and Timely Outsourced Electronic Design from LDD Technology

Established over 25 years LDD Technology provides a range electronic design services to meet the needs of a wide range of customers from development houses to major international OEMs. Outsourcing the design of a project is frequently a more cost effective and timely means of delivering a new product and can free up customer’s own resources.


The reasons for commissioning an external design house are many and varied. Internal resources may be fully committed and adding to their work load may cause delays in existing projects. Recruiting additional design engineers can be a lengthy and costly process and may not be cost effective in the longer term. Specific experience for a new project may not be available in-house for original design work, creating hardware platforms to implement software or providing device specific expertise including complex programming of FPGAs.


Outsourcing electronic design offers OEMs control of costs and delivery time of projects and security of design over the life of a product, ensuring updates may be managed with ease and end of life to be planned. Users of this service may include innovators, entrepreneurs and small manufacturers who lack the internal expertise to bring their products to market and at the other end of the scale large OEMs who may require specialist expertise or manpower for a specific project.


LDD can provide high complexity designs for customers and has the experience and capability to undertake designs from a simple stand-alone board to complex multi-board, mixed signal, multi-technology projects for harsh environments. Their goal is to become and integrated part of customers own design teams and have many such long term relationships in both commercial and defence markets.


Malcolm Locke, Managing Director of LDD Technology, comments, “It’s a very common experience to have a customer come to and ask for a design “yesterday” or to ask us to produce something so unusual or innovative we really have to work with them to make the project manufacturable. We try to work with our customers in a way that means we are involved early to ensure a more elegant and better end product.”


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