Spectacular, slim, smart – The new LED signal tower ClearSIGN with IO link

ClearSIGN from WERMA brings an elegant slim line signal tower to the market, available in a choice of three or four preassembled light elements.  Key features of the new range are the slim, smart design combined with the very latest in LED lighting technology and IP66 protection rating. Alongside the proven 24V power supply an IO link version is available for the first time.


Maximised choice of colours.

The new ClearSIGN signal tower combines a slim unobtrusive design with cutting edge lighting technology and great functionality.  Signalling technology has moved significantly forward in a most logical manner. The homogenous light effect is particularly impressive and when a light is activated comes to life in a unique form.


ClearSIGN uses purely LEDs which help create an unobtrusive minimalistic design with a high level of functionality. Using the latest electronic lighting controls, signal tower elements are illuminated to a previously unseen brightness and create a uniquely fluid illumination effect.


Packed with smart intelligence.

Alongside the proven 24V power supply an IO link version is available for the first time which will considerably increase the application possibilities. Using an IO link will enable the device to be used for the first time as a level or temperature indicator.  The signal tower fills up with light and changes colour when a critical level or condition is reached.  All functions are simple to program using the IO link interface.


RGB LEDs allow a wide variety of colours to be selected for any tier of the tower giving the operator maximum flexibility in choice of light effect, light intensity and colour.  The optical signal can be enhanced with an optional audible alarm.


Use as a level indicator or completion of process warning light

The smart electronics allow you to set up the light in a prominent position in order to have a clear visual indicator of the level of fluid, powder or similar in a container – as the level of the material in the container being monitored by the signal light increases – or decreases – so the tiers of the light will illuminate progressively until the pre-set “full” or “empty” point has been reached.

The signal light can also be deployed as an indicator in a continuous manufacturing process that a preset output volume has been achieved.



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