Mobile EMC fleet – completely renewed

EMC measurement now plays an important role. Anyone who wants to bring their electronic devices to the customers needs a CE approval. SCHURTER takes this into account and has completely renewed and strengthened its fleet of mobile EMC measuring laboratories.

Switched mode circuits are being used increasingly in electronic equipment. Because of the rapid switching the probability of high frequency interferences is also increasing. At the same time the legislator is tightening the EMC regulations.

As a leading supplier of installation filters and chokes the company is also involved in the development processes of its customers. The outcome is recognition that the EMC problems for the manufacturers are associated with increased risks. If attention is paid too little or too late to the EMC requirements, there is a threat of delays in obtaining marketing authorization; with all the potential negative consequences.

Mobile measurement service
Therefore SCHURTER decided many years ago to add a mobile EMC measurement service to its range of EMC products. At present, about 1000 companies in Switzerland, Germany, Austria and northern Italy are being served. The measurements in the actual environment give a more accurate indication of the susceptibility to interference than the laboratory environment can simulate. In addition, the wired measurements of electromagnetic compatibility on site bring the customers four key advantages: logistical simplification (the laboratory comes to the customer), integrated consultation (direct assistance on the spot), conclusions with regard to wireless measurements (required for a CE authorization) as well as a plus of flexibility (no disturbances in operational flows).

On-site assistance
The SCHURTER specialists perform all the necessary preliminary tests for immunity and emissions of your electrical systems or installations. Are the emissions above the limit values, there is a large assortment of noise filters and chokes available. If necessary, the components will be adapted according to requirements. Measurement results are recorded in an EMC test report that provides you with CE proof of conformity for conducted emissions.