A Finder relay for every application from JPR Electronics

Compact, Reliable, Cost Effective, Industry Standard Footprints

PCB and DIN Rail mount Relays


Specialist distributor JPR Electronics stock a wide range of high quality relays from Finder. Established in 1954, Finder manufactures over 12,500 different products, including step relays, light dependent relays and many other products for industrial, commercial and residential applications.


The Finder relay range on offer from JPR includes standard and low profile, PCB socket mounted relays and DIN Rail versions with LED indication of actuation. SPCO and DPCO contacts are available with current ratings across the range from 1.25 to 16A and operating voltages of 5, 12 or 24VDC and 110 and 230VAC. Also available is a forcibly guided contact double pole relay series specifically designed to meet the increasingly stringent international safety standards required in plant, process, safety circuits, emergency stop and critical monitoring circuits. The forcibly guided contacts enable positive monitoring of contact state in compliance with EN50205 type B, and meeting IEC 62061 (2005).


JPR can also supply a bi-function IP60 rated plug in timer for use in conjunction with Finder 40 series relays.


Finder relays are form-fit-and-function compatible with many widely used industry standard relays giving designers’ access to cost effective, high quality, very reliable products. All Finder products carry international safety agency approvals.


Paul Raynor, Director of JPR Electronics, comments. ”Finder relays offer a very reliable switching solution for mission critical or long operating life electronic systems and industrial applications. Over the past 60 years Finder have established an enviable reputation for their products and customer support which is highly valued by our customers. Design engineers and buyers buying electronic components from JPR should make Finder their first choice for relays.”


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