Innovative custom built laboratory cabinets from MiniTec. The Art of Simplicity

The MiniTec modular aluminium profile system can be found in many diverse applications covering aspects of safety-guarding, testing and inspection services to assembly lines and workbenches.

Beyond typical industrial applications the simplicity of the modular profile system lends itself to many applications in sports and leisure, point of sale and warehousing and logistics.

Principal features and benefits of the MiniTec system

  • Minimum engineering due to compatible standard-elements and a unique CAD-Software with proven standard-solutions.
  • Minimum assembly time due to the patented Powerlock fastener: no process other than sawing and threading. The only tool needed to set-up or dismantle is an Allen Key.
  • Reusable standard-elements means existing constructions can be re-cycled efficiently
  • Pressed air-piping in all profiles
  • Extensive range of aluminium profiles and accessories available from stock

If you think of the MiniTec system as basically a kit of industrial components used in the construction of virtually anything you can imagine, it will come as no surprise that another very important application area is in the design and manufacture of customised laboratory and testing cabinets.

Usually constructed from standard components specialised glass/pvc/ reinforced materials may also be required. Thanks to the modular construction and ease of assembly, depending on size, the cabinet can be assembled at the Basingstoke facility or erected at the customer site.

Do you have an interesting application for which MiniTec may have the right solution?  Please get in touch:

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