Eaton White Paper Outlines Why Machine Builders Should Consider Digital RCDs

SLOUGH … Eaton has published a white paper entitled ‘Increase uptime using digital RCDs’, which discusses the advantages and benefits of applying digital technology to residual current devices (RCDs). Their advanced monitoring and pre-warning capabilities allow machine builders to improve both reliability and safety, while saving time and money for themselves and their customers during export of equipment.

The white paper is the second in a series of three exploring residual current topics. It shows that with the correct implementation of RCDs, machine builders can enhance the performance and safety of their equipment, ultimately leading to increased productivity for their customers. Digital technology can deliver vital data to service personnel, allowing them to perform preventive maintenance and minimise machine downtime.

Digital RCDs are the optimum choice for machine builders, combining protection functionality with digital features. Unique in the circuit protection market, they continuously measure residual currents and display their status locally with pre-warning LEDs; as well as remotely via potential-free outputs. Protection status is always available at a glance, thereby reducing maintenance costs and unscheduled call outs. This enables service teams to react promptly to problems and keep system downtime to a minimum.

“One aspect recommended by the IEC 60204 standard is preventative maintenance, and through using the latest digital RCD technology machine builders can implement these measures,” said Chris Pack, Field Product Manager, Eaton. “The pre-warning features of the latest digital RCBOs and RCCBs can detect creeping fault currents. This enables users to be aware of an imminent failure before it occurs and take the necessary actions to prevent the failure.”

There is an example in the white paper of how RCDs can be easily integrated into a Lean Automation environment. It highlights how machine builders and installers can increase uptime further and make additional savings of up to 30 per cent by adopting intelligent wiring technology.

RCD type selection is also covered within the white paper, to inform readers on how to choose a device that meets the appropriate standards and safety regulations within the country or region they are seeking to export to. This is essential for machine builders seeking to save time and reduce costs when exporting.

In addition to digital and analogue RCDs, Eaton offers a wide range of market-leading circuit protection equipment including MCBs, MCCBs, ACBs, fuses and hydro-magnetic circuit breakers. As such, it is ideally positioned to help machine builders with all their circuit protection requirements, from specification and selection through to installation and maintenance.

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EA006570 - Digital RCDs deliver vital data to service personnel

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