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The “Earth” solver of CHAM’s PHOENICS CFD software already forms the CFD engine of several third party products.  Now, both the solver and its input menu structure have been transposed to operate within the environment of both specialist-application and multi-function third party CAD products.

One such product is Rhino3D – a highly-successful 3D modelling tool produced by the McNeel Corporation.  Rhino3D is used worldwide and both supplied and supported in the UK via Simply Rhino

Rhino3D embodies a 3D working environment with tools allowing its users to create CAD models of any shape, complexity or size and import third party CAD data for a range of file types.  The working environment for Rhino3d is relatively easy to learn and is supported by training solutions designed to shorten the learning curve. Rhino3D also supports a range of plug-ins tailored for specialist applications.

CHAM has added to the range of popular plug-ins already supported by announcing a reduced-price sub-set of its powerful general-purpose CFD package, PHOENICS, simply called RhinoCFD.  The product is available for download from the website or via SimplyRhino,


PHOENICS features activated in RhinoCFD:-

  • PHOENICS-2015 structured sequential CFD solver;
  • VTK file handling;
  • PARSOL (Partial Solid) cut-cell geometry detection;
  • Standard turbulence model options;
  • DATMaker CAD and file conversion feature;
  • Internet link to POLIS (PHOENICS Online Information System);
  • VR output to Rhino display environment and PARAView®.


PHOENICS features de-activated in RhinoCFD:-

  • PHOENICS-VR pre-processor (standard GUI);
  • PHOENICS-PIL (PHOENICS Input Language);
  • Two-phase & multi-phase options; *
  • Multi-core & parallel-processing operation; *
  • All SPP (special-purpose product) variants (eg CVD, ESTER, FLAIR, HOTBOX, etc); *
  • Body-fitted meshes;
  • GENTRA – general tracking feature;
  • PARSOL extensions (S-PARSOL & X-PARSOL);
  • Non-standard turbulence models (eg MFM (Multi-Fluid-Model));
  • Inbuilt POLIS (PHOENICS Online Information System);
  • PHOENICS-VR post-processor.

In essence, RhinoCFD comprises the standard PHOENICS user interface with its CFD solver only limited to single-phase, sequential operation, running under Windows – yet its price is heavily-reduced from its mainstream counterpart.  *Activation of special-purpose, applications-specific, variants is subject to additional cost.  RhinoCFD offers annual or perpetual licensing terms with price reductions for academic institutions.

RhinoCFD  is sold and supported in the United Kingdom via Simply Rhino Limited UK Rhino Sales, Training & Support – Telephone: +44(0)20 8498 9900.

For further information contact [email protected].

PHOENICS® is the registered trade mark of Concentration Heat And Momentum Limited

Rhino3D® is the registered trade mark of MacNeel Corporation

Paraview® is the registered trade mark of Kitware Incorporated


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