Cable Protection for Extreme Environments

Specialist value-add technical distributer, Optimas Components is introducing high-performance Anamet Anaconda Sealtite flexible conduits and fittings encompassing the food grade, oil resistant and extreme temperatures markets. A wide range of conduit, cable glands and ties are matched for use in such extreme environments.


Specifically designed for a high level of resistance to oil and grease, OR Grade Conduit maintains its flexibility in this environment, whereas other conduits with less resistance to oil and grease suffer from their jackets stiffening and rupturing over time. Sealtite® OR conduit features a galvanised steel core and UV resistant thermoplastic jacket, making it ideal for outdoor use. Rated to protection class IP 67 with a working temperature range from -15ºC to 100ºC, with intermittent use to 120ºC, these conduits provide a high resistance to oil and grease ingress in harsh applications such as machine-building, diesel-engines, generator-sets and metal, paper, chemical and petrochemical industries.


Boasting a galvanised steel core and UV/sunlight resistant TPE jacket, the Sealtite HCX Conduit offers protection for cables at very low and high temperatures ranging from -55ºC to 140ºC, long-term, and 160ºC intermittently. Rated to IP 67, this robust yet flexible conduit finds applications in transformers, offshore applications, steelworks, foundries, machine building and a variety of outdoor installations. Theses conduits maintain their integrity in high-temperature environments to provide a high degree of mechanical protection of cables, unlike inferior conduits that become brittle or rupture.


Food grade conduits from Anamet offer high corrosion resistance and good protection especially for the pharmaceutical and food industry. These conduits feature a smooth jacket surface that prevents the build up of bacteria and is easy to clean.


Special stainless steel AISI-316 Anaconda conduit fittings feature IP68 rating protection making them ideal for wash down areas. Key attributes include a 316 stainless steel body and nut, -45ºC to 105ºC temperature range, nylon clamp ring and insert, brass nickel-plate ferrule and FDA-approved TPE seals.


FDA-approved PVC food-grade conduits are also available for the food production and pharmaceutical industries. Rated to IP 67, these conduits use a PVC specially formulated for food and beverage applications per FDA CFR 21 and NSF 51 requirements, preventing the growth of bacteria. Easily cleaned, the Sealtite® FG PVC food grade conduit with steel core is rated for a temperature range of -20°C to 60°C (80°C short term). Sealtite® NMFG food grade PVC conduit is rated over -35°C to 50°C (up to 70°C short term).


Optimas Components also offer standard Anamet conduits as well as straight and right angle connectors that can be used with all types of Anaconda Sealtite products.


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