Fulton Limited – the leading heat transfer specialist – has supplied an oil-fired, skid-mounted steam boiler system to Neal’s Yard Remedies, a UK-based manufacturer of natural, organic health and beauty products including essential oils, moisturisers, shower gels and soaps. The 60J oil-fired boiler was supplied with the necessary ancillary items including hot-well, water softening, chemical dosing and blowdown vessels.

Commenting for Neal’s Yard, a spokesperson says: “The Fulton boiler was suited to the processes demanded from Neal’s Yard Remedies and was of a style and type that was ideal for the location of the company’s new plant room, which is situated on a mezzanine floor.”

This is Neal’s Yard’s first steam boiler installation and it replaces an old electric element heating process, which used de-ionised water – an important ingredient in most products – introduced into small mixing vessels and heated using electric elements to produce a steam jacket. The new process line uses steam from the Fulton boiler to provide indirect heat – in excess of 90 degrees – to a heating pot containing products such as coconut oil. Two larger mixing vessels on the same line are also indirectly heated and contain only naturally-occurring products, blended to produce cosmetics including hand lotions, shampoos, face polishes, etc.

While the new process line features a much larger heating pot and mixing vessels, Fulton’s boiler system quickly raises steam and bring the vessels up to temperature, making it a very efficient way for the company to produce the indirect heat required for its processes.

The skid-mounted Fulton system has been designed to future-proof the Neal’s Yard operation and allow for the addition of a second boiler, which will be used during maintenance and shutdown periods and to cope with increased demands in throughput.

“The combination of larger vessels and a move to a steam-based process has enabled us to more than doubled the potential throughput of the new line.” says the Neal’s Yard spokesperson.

The Fulton name has been synonymous with steam since the company first introduced the vertical tubeless steam boiler in 1949 and Fulton was established in Bristol in 1966. Today, Fulton is still one of the world’s leading manufacturers, producing an unrivalled range of heat transfer solutions, including steam and thermal fluid systems, but increasingly these are ordered by customers as part of bespoke turnkey systems designed to meet exacting specifications.

Fulton’s renowned ‘J’ Series vertical gas- and oil-fired steam boilers includes eight models covering outputs from 96 to 960 kg/h. Its tubeless design, invented by Fulton, eliminates the coils and tubes traditionally used in steam raising plant and enables the Series ‘J’ to raise its full steam output in just 20 minutes. The simple design and robust construction from top quality materials make them ideal for arduous applications in a wide range of industries.

Fulton’s heat transfer solutions can be delivered as fully-prefabricated plant rooms or complete skid-mounted units, built to fit a prepared location and connect direct to pre-installed services. Using the latest CAD equipment, its design team can accommodate the most sophisticated engineering specifications in surprisingly compact spaces, locating components in the best possible position to suit the installation.

Further information on the products and services available from Fulton can be found at www.fulton.co.uk, by emailing [email protected] or by calling +44 (0)117 972 3322.