Always on the look out for new technology to enhance their high standards of quality and service, Tridan Engineering are delighted to announce the arrival of another new 5-Axis CNC machine. As a manufacturer of highly complex components across a variety of specialised industries the new machine will see production time reduced and precision maximised – as well as being a welcome addition to their recent ‘Tr1dan: 1 small improvement, 1 big difference’ campaign.

Now in full operation, the Mazak Variaxis i500 SmoothX Twin Pallet produces sophisticated and precise components faster and gives over 300 hours of extra capacity a month. It also eliminates the need to transfer partly complete components from one machine to another allowing availability on other machines, enabling the team to have, when work permits, a ‘one machinist/ two machines’ approach.

‘Everything we do is precision focused and this new machine is a truly efficient method of manufacturing‘, explains Machine Shop Manager Paul Coupland. ‘5 axis capability means fewer operations and associated tasks and with the new Smooth X control and faster tool path processing, we have seen a reduction in setup and run times which saves both our customers and us time and money without compromising on quality.”

Since it’s installation in May, the new 5 axis Mazak has also made a huge contribution to their ‘Tr1dan: 1 small improvement, 1 big difference’ campaign. Inspired by Dave Brailsford, manager of the winning UK professional cycling team Team Sky, who believed improvements can be made by adjusting every area by just one percent, the campaign will see Tridan focus on making small changes over one year to ultimately make a big overall difference for all their clients. As part of the company’s drive toward continual improvement, Tridan are also offering new and existing customers the opportunity to challenge them and see how the Brailsford approach can help them in their next project.


Tridan are an engineering and manufacturing company, based in Clacton, Essex. They are part of the Stone Engineering Group of companies who offer an end to end manufacturing solution.

They have been growing within the industry since 1968.

They operate mainly in the automotive, aerospace, defence, medical and marine industries.

They focus on precision engineering and use a number of disciples to achieve this such as CNC machining and turning, allowing them to produce precise components to meet the needs of the technical industries they operate within.

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