The PFEIFER Positioner INVERTO convinces with new features

No matter how you look at it: since its introduction to the market in the year 2014, the PFEIFER positioner INVERTO ranks by all means among the allrounders when it comes to handling coils. If slewing or turning of steel coils, injection moulds or other tools – the INVERTO can be used everywhere, offers high safety standards, an outstanding price-performance ratio as well as fast delivery times thanks to an easy modular system – and all that in realiable PFEIFER premium quality. Now the sturdy handyman was revised and complemented by numerous useful additional features.

The INVERTO can be loaded and unloaded easily. By means of the INVERTO, heavy loads can be slewed and turned comfortably and safely into the vertical direction and with a 180°-slewing unit also into the horizontal direction. Covers and recesses fitting exactly make it possible to handle products from nearly all materials and forms. Moreover, the INVERTO can be used nearly everywhere and can be transported by means of a fork lift truck. In addition to the former sizes, the INVERTO is now also available in a smaller design for loads of up to two tons. For the larger options, charges of a maximum of 30 tons are possible.

Furthermore, the INVERTO was equipped with new technology. Control is effected by a sturdy and reliable radio remote control. With the so-called position encoder, the required tilt angle can be chosen freely and be programmed up to a maximum of 90° by a standard USB connection and the software provided. Just before the final position as programmed, the positioner is decelerated and finally stopped smoothly by means of a frequency converter. In addition to this, the speed of the turning process can be regulated at the motor.

Besides, there is an integrated counter registering the number of turning operations and thus serves as an assistance for the regular maintenance and testing intervals. Another novelty is a chain protection acting as a safety feature. It prevents the drive to be reached into and at the same time, the drive chains from excessive dirt.

„We have improved the INVERTO once again significantly“, emphasises Siegmund Erhard, head of the business unit Materials Handling at PFEIFER. „It is now even more flexible than before. Thus, PFEIFER raises the bar for positioners in the market considerably.“ Should the INVERTO standard models and designs not come up to the requirements of a potential customer, it is not a problem according to Erhard’s opinion: „We are pleased to manufacture special designs for our customers.“

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