UK company leads Industrial “Internet of Things” revolution

Caption Data Ltd, based in Worcester, develops Industrial IoT solutions for businesses around the world. Their mantra is that they must be quick to give a Return on Investment, light touch and work end-to-end to give their customers immediate useful data, real time and on-line, with minimum hassle and maximum value.

This has resulted in thousands of systems installed across the globe. These include monitoring water quality in thousands of locations for virtually all the UK utilities and the business has recently been appointed sole IoT supplier to a prestigious global air treatment equipment manufacturer for the Europe Middle East, and Asian regions.

So we asked the company to explain in a bit more detail, the benefits in those applications from using IoT solutions.

Monitoring water quality instrumentation from remote locations is a big deal. Whether it is Turbidity [particles in the water], or Chlorine or other scientific measures, we all want to know our drinking water is safe and clean. The water companies monitor this in thousands of locations – some of which are remote, with no power and certainly no internet connectivity. CDL products offer a rare blend of robust construction, a huge range of connectivity to instruments machinery and sensors, low power consumption for use on batteries, and autonomous communication to the cloud, from where their standard range of dashboards, analytics and services, like alarms and audit trails, together with security features, gives the water instrumentation company the ability to deliver real value to the water utilities.

Monitoring and managing machinery; the air treatment OEM is just one of dozens of manufacturers the company supplies. Because of CDL’s vast experience in this area, they can quickly get machinery talking to their servers in the cloud, whether this is polling Modbus registers, or monitoring sensor data. Speed of initial implementation is important to then show what can ultimately be achieved. Benefits to the OEM clients [who include UPS & generator companies, chillers, pumps, power meters, food and drink companies, and rental fleet operators, etc] are enormous with enhanced customer relationships, new revenue streams and improved quality being just a few.

And all this with quick hassle free deployment, no software to purchase, simple & robust plug and play hardware, SmartHub™ access from any internet enabled device via any browser and a support team in Worcester ready to help. So its not surprising CDL has attracted venture capital funding and is investing heavily in R&D, so the growing list of global blue chip businesses using CDL for their internet of things solutions look like they are making smart decisions for their smart devices.

CDL can be contacted at  [email protected] or +44(0) 1905 754078

Whatever your equipment or monitoring and analysis needs, CDL has probably done something similar.

CDL has a range of hardware options, to suit most industrial needs The CDL SmartHub is available on any device, via any browser, with no software to buy or load