Pumped up about 4.0 potential

With the race towards Industry 4:0 on, progressive cavity (PC) pump specialist SEEPEX is assisting SME customers, particularly those starting from a ‘low tech’ baseline, to think ahead and utilise Smart pump technology to boost process productivity.

“All processes, no matter how simple, can benefit from preparation for Industry 4.0 or ‘future proofing’,” states Lesley Eaton, Business Development and Marketing Manager for SEEPEX UK. “There’s a general misconception that enhanced connectivity, Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4:0 are for big operations with ultra-sophisticated data capture strategies. Yet, like most decisions in business, whatever your size or sector, it’s about thinking smarter, selecting the right pumping equipment for the job and factoring in current and future demands.”

At the start of 2017, the manufacturers’ organisation EEF published its 4IR report*. Gauging where organisations are in their transformation process, the research offered some valuable insight. However, this report, like many others, signals that there remains uncertainty from some about how it will apply to their business. While 99% agreed that the 4th industrial revolution will be about getting actionable insights from data, 58% of those interviewed reported that they are still getting to grips with the concept and are less certain about what it actually entails.