Corporations, startups and universities leverage Pervasive Engineering Simulation software to solve complex problems in the automotive, energy, healthcare and consumer industries


PITTSBURGH, Jan. 9, 2017 – From improving automotive engine systems to studying the formation of aortic aneurysms to developing more innovative skis, the winning entries of the annual ANSYS (NASDAQ: ANSS) Hall of Fame competition highlight how engineers are solving complex challenges with ANSYS Pervasive Engineering Simulation solutions across various industries.


The contest gives users the opportunity to showcase their use of ANSYS engineering simulation technology to solve complex problems with a high degree of accuracy. The submissions were divided into three categories – corporate, startup and academic.

Corporate winners:

  • Delphi Technologies is a leading provider of advanced vehicle propulsion solutions. Engineers used ANSYS software to perform virtual measurements of a fuel injection nozzle sprayer to ensure performance stability and reduce emissions for gas-direct injection engines.
  • Lucy Electric enables the safe and reliable distribution of energy to homes and businesses worldwide through high-performance medium voltage switchgear for utility, industrial and commercial applications. With ANSYS engineering simulation, Lucy Electric reduced the number of prototypes and expensive test shifts during the development process of switchgear splitter plates.
  • Peraso Technology is a fabless semiconductor company specializing in providing products for the mobile sector of the wireless consumer electronics market. The company used ANSYS technology to ensure thermal performance of the tightly packed electronic systems within a dongle.

Startup winner:

  • Volute, Inc, develops conformable tanks to power vehicles that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and urban air pollution. With ANSYS software, engineers subjected a virtual tank to a fire to ensure its structural integrity.

Academic winners:

  • Fondazione Toscana “Gabrielle Monasterio” coupled clinical and patient data with ANSYS to help clinicians better understand the blood flow within aortic aneurisms so they can determine aneurism growth and bulge formation.
  • University of Florence researchers at HTC Group used ANSYS software to understand the multiphysics phenomena involved in turbine combustion to contribute to the design of future low-emission aeroengines.
  • Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Art coupled ANSYS thermal and mechanical simulation technologies to help improve the manufacturing process for composite skis. The use of simulation for ski manufacturing can save costs by reducing the number of physical prototypes and help explore the effectiveness of completely new and unconventional approaches in ski design.

“We are continually inspired by how customers like these take our engineering simulation solutions and create bold and powerful innovations that can revolutionize industries,” said Matt Zack, vice president, corporate marketing and business development, ANSYS. “These best-in-class winners demonstrate how simulation can be used in every stage of the product lifecycle to improve product performance and achieve success more efficiently and affordably.”

View the ANSYS Hall of Fame Archive at for submissions from previous years’ competitions.



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