FANUC has launched its latest ROBODRILL series – the strongest and quickest range of vertical machining centres on the market.


The a-DiB5 series represents the latest automated vertical machining technology for milling, drilling and tapping applications, incorporating network interface, preventative maintenance and machine learning capabilities, alongside FANUC’s industry-leading CNC drives and servos.


It includes six re-designed models in small, medium and large sizes, with standard or advanced functionality available. The series is suitable for both short production runs and mass production.


“The launch of our latest range for ROBODRILL is an exciting step-up for FANUC’s automated vertical machining capabilities,” says Andrew Armstrong, sales and marketing manager at FANUC UK. “As well as incorporating the high-repeatability and accuracy for which FANUC is widely recognised, this series offers unprecedented capabilities within Industry 4.0 and machine tending.


“As standard, FANUC’s latest ROBODRILL range also comes equipped with intelligent cutting capabilities, allowing all models to achieve the same results as more powerful machines, in less time.”


Each a-DiB5 machine is designed for minimal maintenance, thanks to a robust build quality, low number of parts, and a turret capable of handling tools of up to 4kg. The likelihood of machine faults or unexpected downtime is also reduced, thanks to the ROBODRILL’s rugged cast cross table, dynamic BBT30 spindle (with speeds between 10,000 and 24,000 rpm), and multiple swarf evacuation options.


The range can achieve cut-to-cut speeds of 1.5 seconds for standard models and 1.3 seconds for the advanced. The advanced model also holds the quickest tool change time on the market, taking 0.7 seconds to change between up to 21 different tools.


Andrew continues: “The a-DiB5 series offers manufacturers and subcontractors unprecedented access to high-speed, reliable and accurate automated production. You don’t need to compromise on floor space either: machining can be spread across several ROBODRILLs, instead of relying on a dedicated transfer machine. Its high-quality finishing capabilities also mean that no additional machining centres are required.”


In addition to the latest hardware capabilities, the a-DiB5 series integrates Industry 4.0-compatible software for 24-hour, unmanned machining. The ROBODRILL communicates easily with FANUC robots for machine tending, while preventative maintenance and AI capabilities warn of and, in some cases, prevent, potential issues before they occur.


This is achieved through Linki, FANUC’s production management software. Linki allows the seamless capture of productions data, operations results, status monitoring and diagnostics. ROBODRILLs can be connected to a central server, along with other FANUC CNC-controlled products, which enables real-time monitoring of a local or remote factory.


Andrew concludes: “ROBODRILLs are used across the automotive, electrical, watch-making, tool-making, medical industries, aerospace and high-precision applications, which demonstrates just how versatile and adaptable this product range can be.


“Don’t worry if you’re new to automation – FANUC has integrated intuitive user interfaces and program guides to make set-up, maintenance and management as simple as possible.


“Whether you’re machining intricate parts for medical devices, or engine parts for an automotive production line, the ROBODRILL a-DiB5 series represents an excellent investment in automated machining for the mass producer and the small-scale subcontractor alike.”


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