Got MODBUS? Then get the Internet of Things on us!

If your product or equipment already has Modbus, then the NanoULTRA from Caption Data gives you the immediate ability to join them to the Internet of Things. From single units to 1000’s of units, with on line & real time control through the CDL SmartHub™

We have clients around the world using the NanoULTRA in their thousands to manage products with Modbus and increase value, for example:

  • A Leading global Air Processing OEM uses the NanoULTRA on products throughout Europe Middle East and Asia, to manage customer SLA’s
  • A Leading US/UK water instrumentation company use the NanoULTRA in challenging field locations to give their clients real time data on Smart Water Grids
  • A Leading maker of UPS systems use the product to provide award winning levels of service to their customers
  • A Leading maker of chillers uses the NanoULTRA to manage their rental fleet of products, speeding up commissioning and reducing complaints

Every NanoULTRA will appear as a pin marker on your own SmartHub portal as soon as it is powered up. From the SmartHub you can name individual units, manage the MODBUS registers to poll, set alarm thresholds and monitoring frequencies, add users and alarm recipients, monitor audit trails, download data and graphics, etc. The SmartHub is available with no software to load via any internet device via any browser.

So how does it work?     

The NanoULTRA is pre-configured to handle MODBUS. So the unit can be polling your chosen MODBUS registers in no time, using its on board intelligence to compare high and low thresholds. It will report in via its own secure GSM modem at user defined intervals, as well as any time a threshold is breached, so you can monitor assets via your own personal dashboard. See at a glance if all is as it should be, and drill down into any unit to see detailed data and make informed decisions in real time.

Modbus configuration in brief

  • Quickly create new modus data maps for new controllers/instruments/PLC’s
  • Add virtually unlimited Modbus registers to these controllers
  • Choose to read or write to registers allowing you to control set points on remote equipment
  • Poll up to four Modbus slaves each with different register sets
  • Read more technical details of our Modbus solutions HERE


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