Fuel Consumption in Diesel Engines

Here we have a successful application for fuel consumption measurement in diesel engines using Kobold’s DON Oval Wheel Flow Meters, and ZOK-Z3 Electronic Counter/Dosing Meter.

By using the dual flow inputs and the ‘A-B’ setting, a pair of DON flow meters are used in the circuit with a single electronic model ZOK-Z3 to give a net reading of fuel consumption. Kobold also supplied their in-line  strainer, Ball Valves, level, pressure, and temperature sensors for total system analysis.

Application Notes…

In this typical off-shore application, a fuel consumption measurement system has been effectively implemented on diesel engines in small ships and vessels.   Here, Kobold used a pair of stainless steel flowmeters (DON-215 for flows up to 550 l/h per flowmeter) and one ZOK-Z3 per engine.  As choking of the flowmeter or strainer in the main line may result in higher differential pressure and result in fuel starvation to the engine; an alternative is to use a pressure relief valve in the bypass line.  Higher inlet pressure opens the pressure relief valve and ensures a constant supply to the diesel engine.   Note! In selective cases the choice of the “pulsating flow” option may be worth considering.

With this installation, the fishermen are now in a position to monitor the actual real time fuel consumption and adapt the ship speed to full optimization.  In general, the return of investment is implemented within a month.  The bases of this measuring system are used in many fuel consumption applications.

Kobold’s Oval Wheel Flow Meters are essentially designed for use with viscose fluids, for example; Lubrication, Oil, Grease, Petroleum, Diesel, Fuels, Pastes, Inks, Chemicals, Glycol etc.

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