Emerson to Show at IFAT how the Right Fluid Automation Strategy and Products Simplify Engineering ASCO Fluid Automation products meet the requirements of WRAS and other regional regulations

Emerson experts will be in attendance at IFAT 2018 in Munich to explain how the application of ASCO technologies can enable manufacturers and end users of packaged water treatment plant and water handling machinery to meet their global regulation and certification needs while also optimizing their machines and manufacturing processes. On display will be a range of ASCO solenoid valves, pressure operated valves and fluid power products. Products on display will meet the requirements of WRAS and other regional regulations.

Selecting a vendor that is able to meet all your automation needs – no matter where in the world your products will be operating – simplifies the engineering and purchasing processes, saving time and costs. ASCO fluid automation products are proven for use in water treatment and water handling processes the world over. Whether you are looking to control the opening of valve actuators, precisely control chemical dosing, manage steam or other utilities, or control motion using pneumatic actuation, Emerson has the products you need.

For more information about IFAT 2018, visit https://www.ifat.de/index-2.html