Linear Variable Filters

LASER COMPONENTS now off ers linear variable fi lters from partner Omega Optical.  These fi lters exhibit a linear relation between position and wavelength.  Produced using plasmaassisted reactive magnetron sputtering and a special mask, they feature full blocking of the out of band spectral range and high durability.

Long pass, short pass and band pass designs are available as standard within a wavelength range of 350-1100nm with gradients up to 25nm per mm.  Standard gradient lengths are 30-100mm.  Custom linear variable fi lters can be designed specifi cally for your application, with steeper gradients, wider wavelength ranges and smaller sizes.  In addition to custom fi lter parameters, tailored measurement options may be specifi ed.  Measurements can be taken with collimated light or a specifi ed converging beam and with apertures of diff erent shapes and sizes. lters