The new NORDAC LINK field distributor: Flexible and intelligent

The NORDAC LINK series was specially developed for applications in modern, networked intralogistics systems and provides a convenient drive solution for flexible, decentralised installation. The efficient field distributors can be configured for the specific application and ensure quick and safe commissioning, and thanks to the integrated PLC can carry out complete process controls and regulate processes autonomously.

This drive control for flexible installation close to the motor is available as frequency inverter (up to 7.5 kW) or motor starter (up to 3 kW) and provides what it takes to make fast commissioning, simple operation and maintenance possible. All modules, components and connections are combined using simple plug connectors. In addition to the high plug-in capability, integrated maintenance switches and switches for manual operation ensure a high level of user-friendliness. The field distributor can be freely configured for any application and is compatible with all common bus systems. The inverters are suitable for horizontal, inclined and vertical conveyors and provide lifting gear functions as well as STO and SS1 safety functions according to EN 61800-5-2.

As standard, NORDAC LINK field distributors are equipped with a high performance PLC, which reduces the load on the higher level controller and carries out autonomous control tasks. The freely programmable PLC processes data from sensors and actuators and if necessary initiates a sequence control and communicates drive and application data to the control centre and networked components. NORD drives can be easily integrated into I40 systems using the existing bus structure. The networked drives can pre-process status data with the integrated PLC and communicate via the control system or directly into the secure Cloud. NORD DRIVESYSTEMS has tested the possibilities of Cloud connection in its own application test area. From the Cloud, the data are available all over the world for evaluation and analysis. Smart networking and collection of relevant drive data enables predictive maintenance, recording of performance data, optimised dimensioning of the system, as well as continuous condition monitoring of the drive units. With this, NORD supplies intelligent drive technology as well as innovative maintenance and service concepts for digitalised production in Industry 4.0.