Altus Take Stock with a New Range of Component Counting

With the importance of increasing traceability of component management and the reduction in labour intensive procedures growing, Altus Group, a leading supplier of capital equipment in the UK and Ireland, has added new lines to help in this task, including the introduction of Scienscope batch and inline X-Ray component counting range.

Altus has reported a growing interest in companies looking to increase efficiency and accuracy of store management so that the ambition of a ‘lights-out’ factory, with fully automated systems, is recognised.

“We have added American company Scienscope to our list of pre-eminent suppliers,” said Joe Booth, Altus sales manager. “The company’s range of inspection solutions is very comprehensive and will help in our customer’s mission to become fully automated.

“We have clients who contact Altus with issues surrounding component management. They are having difficulty in keeping an accurate stock count and identifying where and why things have gone missing. The Scienscope component counting range will help solve this problem as it communicates with data management, providing complete inventory control.

“Scienscope is the only supplier with the capability of an inline system allowing for the highest level of automation in component counting on the market. Where other providers are limited to batch by their technology, due to the method of horizontal tube movement (scanning), we have been able to conveyorize the technology for our customers benefit.”

The Scienscope AXI-5100c is one of the most advanced, automated component counting system in the world. The fully automated system provides complete inventory control and by using an inline integrated conveyor system, it counts components quickly helping to save time and money and reduce labour avoiding a “line down” problem due to lack of a component.

Another recent addition, featured at the SMT Hybrid & Packaging expo, is the X-Spection 6000, a technologically advanced X-Ray inspection system. As with all X-SCOPE platforms, it includes every advanced s/w tool required for a wide variety of applications. With more tilt and a rotating work table, the X-Spection 6000 incorporates the best in flexibility.

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