Future-Proofing Three Futuristic Facilities

‘Repair, Protect, Improve’ is the Belzona motto, encompassing the way Belzona systems are successfully used on thousands of applications around the world. On occasion though, an application calls to be neither ‘repaired’ or ‘improved’ but rather ‘protected’ preventatively. These applications are on new-build structures which use Belzona materials to provide a stronger foundation and a better damage defence from the get-go.

Property developers are increasingly choosing to use alternative materials to create better buildings. Specially designed polymeric materials have stronger properties than their traditional counterparts and by implementing these, buildings’ lifespans are increased, and maintenance costs decreased.

Three New-Builds in Need of Future Waterproofing

One example of this is three state-of-the-art council buildings in Paris which required a system to fully water and weatherproof them. This project began in 2017, when Alliatech, the Belzona Distributor for the north of France, received an enquiry for a roof sealing system from Léon Grosse – one of France’s leading Civil Engineering and Construction firms. The three buildings had a surface area of 2700m2 (29,000ft2) which would need to be coated, but Léon Grosse had certain requirements before a material could be specified. To begin with, they stated that it must be able to take any shape, such as curves and vertical walls, due to the complexity of the new buildings’ designs.

However, this is where other manufacturers were unable to deliver. Due to the intricate designs and the requirements needing to be met, Alliatech were amongst the few able to suggest solutions which could fulfil the specifications. Belzona’s polymeric membranes would offer long-term protection as well as meet practical and aesthetic needs.

It was also necessary that the system could bond firmly to concrete and be able to welcome and support tiles, even vertically. This in particular was of paramount importance to the project.  The small white tiles were the outer layer of the buildings and crucial to the design.

The System Details

After testing to confirm suitability, Belzona 3111 (Flexible Membrane) was specified, which upon curing, would be overcoated by an adhesive to bond the tiles. This liquid-applied material is a durable waterproofing membrane which can be used to seamlessly encapsulate almost all types of roof substrates and shapes. Technical discussions with the Architect, Alliatech and other parties involved, allowed for the added value of Belzona 3111 and its application abilities to be highlighted. It is solvent free, so does not experience shrinkage, but is also a flexible membrane, meaning it can shift with the buildings’ natural movements without cracking.

The application of Belzona 3111 is due to finish towards the end of 2018, weatherproofing the government buildings and potentially extending their lifecycle. This is just one application amongst many where Belzona materials have been used to preventatively protect an asset. ‘Repair Protect Improve’ will always be at the heart of the Belzona, but with applications such as this on the rise, any ‘repairs’ and ‘improvements’ are severely minimised for the long-term.