Multi-Functional Laser Workstation Makes Perfect Sense

There is little doubt that lasers are one of the most flexible production tools available to manufacturers today. Combine this process flexibility with a series of purpose designed interchangeable production modules, and you have the perfect solution for Sensor manufacture.

The AL-SWS sensor workstation, produced by ALPHALASER and distributed in the UK and Ireland by TLM Laser, makes it possible to perform a series of welding and cutting operations on items such as cables, sheathed or unsheathed thermocouples and resistance thermometers etc.

A main base station incorporates the workbench, laser (50-300W), lighting, touchscreen controller and footswitch etc. The five different modules, designed to be quickly changed, are individually configured to suit a variety of manual, semi-automated and fully automated operations.

Circular welding operations are carried out on a module that incorporates rotary axes plus horizontal adjustment and a pneumatic collet chuck to hold the components. This is ideally suited to application such as welding the sheath of resistance thermometers, sensors or thermocouples.

A separate module is designed for micro-welding operations using a micro-manipulator and quick change inserts to grip the parts. A fully enclosed work chamber, incorporating a collet chuck and tailstock, is available for welding operations which require mechanical pressure on internal sealing rings during processing.

Cutting operations on round components can be carried out in a separate purpose designed unit. This module can be used to cut the covers of resistance thermometers or remove the sheathing from cables. The laser cutting head, collet chuck, rotating axis and operator buttons for chuck operation etc. are all integrated for ease of operation.

For simpler operations including manual contact welding, a flat work plate unit is available. This also incorporates a slotted recess to cater for longer work-pieces. In all instances, provision is made for fume extraction to allow safe operation at all times.

Additional information and advice on specific applications is available from TLM Laser and video of the AL-SWS sensor workstation in action can be seen HERE.

Bromsgrove based TLM Laser is the UK and Ireland distributor for a comprehensive range of laser systems for a wide range of applications including welding, cutting, marking, hardening and cladding.

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Video of the Sensor Workstation can be seen here: