Inlabtec Serial Diluter Accredited for TVC Sample Processing

Inlabtec AG reports how 20/30 Labs Ltd., a leading accredited UK microbiological testing laboratory specializing in the analysis of waters, has received approval by the United Kingdom Accreditation Body (UKAS) for the Serial Diluter for routine sample processing.

As an established contract laboratory – 20/30 Labs receives hundreds of water samples each day for microbiological analysis such as total viable counts (TVC). These water samples require serial dilutions and previously were processed using universal test tubes pre-prepared with 9 ml of diluent. Due to a period of continuous growth and expansion 20/30 Labs evaluated technical solutions that would automate this dilution step and save time on both media preparation and sample processing. The Inlabtec serial diluter met these requirements and so 20/30 Labs decided to validate the use and performance of the system in-house.

The data collected from 20/30 Labs usability study demonstrates, as other laboratories have previously demonstrated without exception, that the test tube technique and the Inlabtec Serial Diluter can be considered as quantitatively identical methods according to the statistical evaluation of two quantitative methods provided by the International Standard ISO 17994:2014.

Moreover, the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) reviewed the validation data and approved the use of the Inlabtec serial diluter for routine TVC sample processing.

Farzana Sultana, Research & Project Manager of 20/30 Labs commented “The Inlabtec serial diluter has eliminated the time spent on cleaning and filling universal test tubes and making up diluent as well as all the quality checks required thereafter. It is easy to use, clean and set up for daily operation. Our analysts have confirmed that the Inlabtec serial diluter helps to optimise their time and therefore has improved workflow around the lab”.

For further information on the Inlabtec Serial Diluter please visit or contact the company on +41- 71-222-4865.

20/30 Labs Ltd ( is a leading UKAS accredited microbiology testing laboratory (No. 4236). It has been established for over 10 years and offers a full range of services including hospital and potable water analyses.

Inlabtec AG was set-up to develop and provide research and quality control labs in the food industry with complete solutions that incorporate innovative and eco-friendly consumables enabling reliable and cost-saving sample processing.



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