Improve the operational efficiency and infrastructure security of your pipelines.

Pipeline operators across all sectors of industry have an urgent need to improve operational efficiency and infrastructure security. Now, leveraging the technical revolutions across sensors/electronics, power systems, communications, cloud/data analysis and visualisation technologies, a host of innovations are beginning to mature and meet industrial needs, as continuous, real-time asset performance monitoring is quickly becoming a reality.

The Dashboard Intelligent Pipeline Solution

Dashboard’s Limpet pipeline collar solution is at the leading edge of providing a low-cost continuous monitoring system for pipelines.

Being designed to be non-intrusive and easily retro-fitted, each Limpet collar employs a phased array of multiple ultrasonic transducers, multi-axis accelerometers and hydrocarbon molecule detection sensors, providing resilient monitoring capabilities supported by high-resolution flow-rate measurements through market-leading edge processing and digital signal-processing.

By minimising communication overheads, the embedded systems conduct localised processing prior to compression/encryption, while communications operate on a reporting-by-exception basis to increase pipeline safety and efficiency.

Dashboard’s high-performance cloud architecture is designed to scale exceptionally efficiently and facilitate complex data analysis in real-time which can then be reflected into intuitive dashboards customised for the specific category of end-user.

To be delivered as part of an end-to-end solution, data collection, transmission, storage, analysis and visualisation systems, Dashboard is able to provide accurate modeling and process performance characteristics and fault detection on a variety of industrial processes and infrastructure.

Further details available from Nick Search at [email protected] or call +44 1737 371704.