How security fasteners help to protect us in a changing world

Paul Standing, Commercial Products Manager, TR Fastenings

It’s undeniable that the world has changed considerably in the last few decades, altering the way we work, communicate, spend our leisure time and even get from A-B. Mobile phones, computers, the internet, GPS and social media are not just handy inventions which enhance the way we live, but actually in many cases shape and dictate it.

With these developments come a new set of dangers and risks that we need to protect ourselves and others from. Just in the same way that we learnt from a young age to consider our personal and physical security by locking doors, not talking to strangers or not doing and taking anything that would harm us, we have also adapted to apply this level of thinking to the new technologies and resources at our fingertips. From logging out of devices, to changing passwords regularly and covering our hands when we enter our pin numbers at the cashpoint, these security measures have crept swiftly and naturally into how we go about our daily lives.

Beyond what we can do ourselves, there are a huge array of security devices and products that help to protect us from harm. The fences that surround schools, homes and workplaces, the CCTV cameras that watch us, the public transport that some of us travel on every day, the street furniture we sit on in our lunch breaks or at weekends; everything has to be safe. Health and safety laws and regulations also require that products meet specific standards and are manufactured with security in mind.

Just as there are many different types and sizes of security products available, there is also a huge range of fastener components used to hold them all together and make sure they work efficiently and effectively.  These fasteners must be tamper-resistant and vandal-proof, but must also act in the same way as any other fastener product- they must fit in the aesthetic design of the product and its surroundings and allow the product to move and work in the way it should do.

However, extra touches, such as patented technology to prevent anyone from undoing the fastening without specialist equipment or complex installation processes, mean the shape of a screw is in reality very different to its outside appearance and make these fasteners additionally secure. Available in a range of sizes, these fasteners can be used across product types and variations­­­ and be adjusted to specific environments or requirements.

As we increasingly conduct our lives in a more 24-hour, mobile fashion, with more products, devices and objects at our disposal than ever before, it makes sense to protect ourselves and our belongings with the very same smart thinking and technology used to develop them in the first place. By implementing security and tamper-resistant engineering right at the beginning of the product development phase, we can ensure we are doing all we can to contribute to a safer and more secure world.