ABB’s new ceiling-mounted SCARA robot delivers maximum flexibility

ABB expands robot family withceiling-mounted design aimed at fast and accurate small parts assembly

ABB has expanded its SCARA robot family with thelaunch of a compact invert-mounted model for small parts assembly applications.

By mounting the IRB 910INV on the ceiling, manufacturers can increase the space efficiency and flexibility of each cell and handle more complex tasks even in cramped locations. The inverted mounting also allows the IRB 910INV to collaborate with other robots and machines simultaneously in the same footprint, further boosting productivity.

Utilising ABB’s superior motion control technology, the IRB 910INV offers class-leading repeatable accuracy for applications including picking and placing, assembly and testing, electronics small parts assembly tasks such as screw driving, inserting or mounting components, and automated inspections for quality control. The IRB 910INV will also be certified for cleanroom applications in the future.

“Since we introduced our SCARA robot line, customers have been interested in a ceiling-mounted version that would allow them to make more efficient use of available space,” says Per Vegard Nerseth, Managing Director of Robotics at ABB. “The IRB 910INV satisfies this need, as well as offering the same superior speed and accuracy they’ve come to expect from ABB.”

“The IRB 910INV is also a reflection of the new design approach we announced earlier this year, which allows us to create a wider variety of robot sizes and variants and combine them into tailored solutions. It will make a great addition to our growing line of small parts assembly solutions.”

Two variants of the IRB 910INV are available, one with a maximum payload of 3 kg with 350 mm reach, and the other offering a maximum 6 kg payload with 550 mm reach.

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