Analytik partner, Particle Metrix, to showcase the next generation ZetaView® TWIN Laser NTA system to improve the study of extracellular vesicles and other nanoparticles at UKEV Forum 2018.

Cambridge, UK, 10th December 2018:Analytik, leading suppliers of innovative analytical instrumentation andParticle Metrix distribution partner for the UK and Ireland, announce thelaunch of the Particle Metrix ZetaView® TWIN Laser system for improved NTAmeasurements.

E xosomes are a type of extracellular vesicle (EV) naturally produced in the human body. They were once thought to be little more than a way for cells to offload waste, but over the last decade scientists have discovered their outstanding potential – particularly with respect to cell-to-cell communication, diagnosis and drug delivery.

With the ZetaView® NTA instrument by Particle Metrix, exosomes – along with other bio-nanoparticles such as viruses, virus-like particles (VLPs) and liposomes – can be characterised reliably and quickly. A single aliquot of individual nanoparticles can be assessed for particle size distribution, concentration and surface charge (zeta potential). All of these measurements can be taken both conventionally with scattered light and by using fluorescence for evaluation of the phenotypic properties of the sample.

Taking this to the next level, Particle Metrix has launched the ZetaView® TWIN Laser setting new standards for exosome characterisation, providing the existing measurements of size, concentration and zeta potential, now with enhanced fluorescence capability. The introduction of the second laser means a more comprehensive study of exosomes in the sample chamber through analysis of two different fluorescently-labelled biomarkers on the same sample.

Product Specialist, Adam Hilless, says “Particle Metrix’s ZetaView® is now available as a twin laser model, incorporating two different integrated lasers and corresponding filters which can be automatically switched at the click of a button. As well as giving the user a choice of two different lasers to use for their fluorescence experiments, the ZetaView® TWIN Laser allows detection of TWO different fluorescently-labelled sub-populations, adding extra layers of specificity to NTA analysis.

The TWIN Laser model arrives in the same small, compact, highly-engineered chassis as the standard ZetaView®. On top of the twin fluorescence emission capabilities, the existing ‘scanning-NTA’ features of the ZetaView® – allowing multiple point measurements across the cell giving more robust and representative results – remain, making the ZetaView® TWIN Laser a completely unique offering and very much the next generation of NTA technology.”

Analytik will accompany Particle Metrix on their exhibition stand at the UKEV Forum 2018 on 11th December at The University of Sheffield to showcase the new ZetaView® TWIN Laser NTA system. Tickets for the UKEV Forum 2018 are still available via the UKEV website.

Visit the Analytik website to find out more about the ZetaView® TWIN Laser from Particle Metrix

The NEW ZetaView®TWIN Laser from Particle Metrix is available from Analytik in the UK &Ireland.