Delta’s Highly Integrated Building Automation Solutions Present at the Smart Building Levante Exhibition 2018

Idilio Ciuffarella, General Manager of Delta Building Solutions, Delta Electronics EMEA region, commented, “Delta has a complete portfolio of solutions for smart buildings that have been widely and successfully implemented in many different environments, such as offices, shopping malls, hotels, stadiums, airports, hospitals and so on. The focus on progressing building automation drives the development of smart cities. This enables property owners to increase property value, boost energy efficiency and save costs with a safe and comfortable building that has minimal facility management requirements. By way of example, Delta has successfully renovated its EMEA headquarters building by utilizing our solutions to achieve up to 45% expected annual energy savings. This has resulted in an “Energy Label A”. Plus, it has been certified as a BREEAM sustainable facility with a “Very Good” rating by the Dutch Green Building Council.”

Delta’s exhibition booth, located at New Pavillon on stand 50, will present the following solutions:

Building Automation:

• The new LROC-40x – The LROC-40x room controllers are LOYTEC’s answer to ultimate room automation with functions including lighting, temperature and blind controls, plus occupancy detection and window monitoring. When partnered with the L STUDIO software, flexible room solutions can be created and adapted to changing requirements with little effort. Depending on the model an L ROC Room Controller can control between eight and 16 room segments. Based on the various room segment types, larger buildings can be modelled in a hierarchical manner. The logical connections between the L ROC Room Controllers are built automatically and all graphical user interfaces and network connections are automatically generated and adapted to the building’s requirements for a seamless and successful building automation experience.

The integrated tool platform L-STUDIO 3.0 – The L‐STUDIO software is the backbone of many smart building automation offerings from LOYTEC. L-Studio 3.0 collects data points for communication that can be stored directly in logic blocks. Functions can be created either using one of the supplied libraries or by the user themself. As a configuration interface, the already familiar L‐INX Configurator has been integrated into the L‐STUDIO software. The data points are generated automatically in the controller as soon as an instance of the function block for the program is created in the controller. The complete spectrum of LOYTEC’s standard protocols (BACnet, CEA‐709, Modbus, M‐Bus, KNX, EnOcean, SMI, and others) are supported.
• The LIOB-586/588/589 controllers for energy management tasks – The LIOB‐586/588/589 I/O Controllers are IP-enabled, compact, programmable automation stations for LonMark Systems and BACnet/IP networks with physical inputs and outputs and integrated graphical visualisation. The LIOB‐586/588/589 I/O Controllers are equipped with two Ethernet ports including a built-in Ethernet switch. This allows the building of a daisy chained line topology of up to 20 devices, which reduces costs for network installation. Dual Ethernet port devices also allow the setup of a redundant Ethernet installation (ring topology), which increases reliability. The redundant Ethernet topology is enabled by the Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP), which is supported by most managed switches.
• The new and powerful L-INX automation servers – The L INX Automation Servers LINX 153 and LINX 154 are powerful, programmable automation stations, which can be programmed by L STUDIO. The L INX Automation Servers can host user specific graphical pages and can integrate physical I/ Os through L IOB I/ O Modules via LIOB Connect, LIOB FT, or LIOB IP. The LINX 154 can only be extended by LIOB IP. Local operation and override is provided by the built-in jog dial and the backlit display (128×64 pixels). Device and data point information is shown on the display via symbols and in text format.

Surveillance Systems:

• VIVOTEK’s FE9180-H series fisheye network camera is a low-profile all-in-one surveillance solution highly suitable for monitoring of indoor open areas in retail, banking, airport and similar applications due to its 180° panoramic (wall-mount) or 360° surround views with zero blind spots (ceiling-mount), 5-megapixel sensor technology, 15 fps @ 1920×1920 resolution features. The FE9180-H also offers WDR Pro for superior visibility in high-contrast environments.
• The Stereo Network Camera SC8131 – The SC8131 3D people counting camera from VIVOTEK is armed with 3D Depth Technology and video surveillance functionality, providing 2-Megapixel real-time precise tracking video and high accuracy counting up to 98%. The stereo camera generates data information such as people counting, flow path tracking and when applied to in store layout improvement, promotional evaluation, staff planning, and the control of service times, it provides business owners with key metrics to effectively make operating decisions and increase ROI. Mounted over a store entrance, the dual-lens camera enables the stereo vision to accurately track the 3D positions of objects moving across the field of view. Adults or children, single individuals or groups, can be distinguished from non-human objects such as shopping carts and strollers, providing accurate counting analytics even at the busiest and most congested times.

All of Delta’s diversified solutions for smart cities are presented at Smart Building Levante exhibition for visitors at booth number 50, New Pavillon, November 22-23 2018. Delta’s press conference will be held at 12:00 PM on 23 November, New Pavillon, stand 50