NORD at LogiMAT 2019: Greater flexibility for intralogistics At LogiMAT 2019 in Stuttgart from 19 to 21 February 2019, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS will present decentralised and innovative drive solutions for digital, modular intralogistic systems.

Intelligent drive technology is the prerequisite fordigitalisation and automation of production, because it enables networked orautonomous production processes in “smart factories” and keeps themrunning. As one of the leading suppliers in the industry NORD DRIVESYSTEMSprovides an extensive modular system of decentraliseddrive technolgy with frequency inverters which are mounted directly on the motor or in itsimmediate vicinity. NORD drives are networked, autonomous and scalable – andtherefore form the basis for intelligent intralogistics

Efficient drive systems with decentralised intelligence

The drive components have a power range of up to 22 kW and aPLC which is integrated as standard, and can be supplied with all commerciallyavailable plug connectors. Theycan be freely configured and adapted to any application. Thanks to the PLCwhich is integrated into the inverter, the decentralised drives can formmaster-slave groups, which communicate with each other and assume control tasksindependently. This allows a plant design with production groups and productionislands. The PLC processes the data from sensors and actuators and canautonomously initiate control sequences, as well as communicating drive andapplication data to a control centre, networked components or to cloud storage.This allows continuous condition monitoring and therefore forms the basis forpredictive maintenance concepts as well as optimum plant dimensioning.

Greater efficiency and safety

As well as intelligent networking, economical drivetechnology solutions are required, which can be achieved for example with atried and tested method for reducing the number of variants. With its LogiDrivesystems, NORDoffers service and maintenance friendly plug & play technology,which features ultimate efficiency and reliability. LogiDrive drive unitsconsist of energy-efficient IE4 geared motors, 2-stage helical bevel gear unitsand decentralised frequency inverters to ensure optimised processes and costs.NORDprovides fail-safe communication and safe movement functions according to IEC 61800-5with the SK TU4-PNS PROFIsafe module. Functionssuch as SLS (Safety Limited Speed), SSR (Safe Speed Range), SDI (SafeDirection), SOS (Safe Operation Stop) 
and SSM (Safe Speed Monitor) can be integratedand expand the drive units’ safety stop functions.

Mobile service solutions

With the NORDCON APP and the corresponding Bluetooth stick “NORDAC ACCESS BT”, the company has created a mobile commissioning and service solution for all NORD drives. The dashboard-based visualisation is useful for drive monitoring and fault diagnosis. Parametrisation of drives is easily feasible with a Help function and rapid access to parameters. The app also offers other convenient functions such as backup, recovery and oscilloscope.

You can find NORD DRIVESYSTEMS at LogiMat 2019 in Hall 3 booth C17.